Access initiatives -- ADA Seal of acceptance -- Consumer attitudes toward dentists and dental care -- Dental visits -- Safety in the dental office -- Consumer price index -- Cost comparison of dental care to general health -- Dental insurance coverage -- Expenditures for dental care -- Income and expenses of independent dentists in private practice -- Dental school applicants and indebtedness -- Dental school tuition and enrollment -- Dental manpower -- Membership trends -- Disabilities resulting from oral health problems -- Fluoridation -- Oral health of seniors age 65+, 1985-86 -- Oral health of employed adults ages 18-64, 1985-86 -- Oral health of school children ages 5-17 1986-1987 -- Sources for additional information

Location: BIO-MED WU16 K44 (Latest edition in Bio-Med Reference)

Author: American Dental Association, Bureau of Economic and Behavioral Research

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Coverage: 1992-