Sect. 1. Drugs used in dentistry: Ch. 1. Injectable and topical local anesthetics. Ch. 2. Conscious sedation and agents for thecontrol of anxiety. Ch. 3. General anesthetics. Ch. 4. Analgesics: opioids and nonopioids. Ch. 5. Hemostatics, astringents and gingival retraction products. Ch. 6. Glucocorticoids. Ch. 7. Antibiotics. Ch. 8. Antifungal and antiviral agents. Ch. 9. Topical Antiseptics. Ch. 10. Agents affecting salivation. Ch. 11. Mouthrinses and dentifrices. Ch. 12. Fluorides. Ch. 13. Desensitizing agents. Ch. 14. Bleaching agents. Ch. 15. Drugs for medical emergencies in the dental office. Ch. 16. Managing medical emergencies in the dental office -- Sect. 2. Drugs used in Medicine: treatment and pharmacological considerations for dental patients receiving medical care: Ch. 17. Cardiovascular drugs. Ch. 18. Respiratory drugs. Ch. 19. Gastrointestinal drugs. Ch. 20. Neurological drugs. Ch. 21. Psychoactive drugs. Ch. 22. Hematologic drugs. Ch. 23. Endocrine/hormonal drugs. Ch. 24. Drugs used for connective-tissue disorders and oral mucosal diseases. Ch. 25. Skeletal muscle relaxants. Ch. 26. Therapeutics in renal and hepatic disease. Ch. 27. Drugs for neoplastic disorders -- Sect. 3. Drug issues in dental practice: Ch. 28. Oral manifestations of systemic agents. Ch. 29. Infection control strategies for the dental office. Ch. 30. Herbs and dietary supplements. Ch. 31. Substance Use Disorders. Ch. 32. Cessation of tobacco use. Ch. 33. Legal implications of using drugs in dental practice -- Appendixes and indexes: A. U.S. and Canadian schedules for controlled substances. B. U.S. Food and Drug Administration pregnancy classifications. C. Agents that affect the fetus and nursing infant. D. Prevention of bacterial endocarditis. E. Antibiotic prophylaxis for dental patients with total joint replacements. F. Antibiotic use in dentistry. G. Nitrous oxide in the dental office. H. Normal laboratory values for adults. I. Weights and measures. J. Calculation of local anesthetic and vasoconstrictor dosages. K. HIV and common antiretroviral medications. L. Sample prescriptions and prescription abbreviations. M. Drugs that cause photosensitivity.

Location: BIO-MED Reference QV50 A191 2003

Author: American Dental Association

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