Teachers are increasingly called upon to discuss and explain death and dying to children in the classroom. This book provides them with methods to facilitate open discussions of death and to find suitable ways of talking with children about what happens when someone they know dies. It explores some of the most sensitive questions surrounding death.". "The authors also offer useful strategies for talking about death in the context of different school lessons, in order to prepare pupils of all ages. The various chapters are each clearly labelled with suggested age-ranges for their use, and each has a useful summary of the main points covered. The final chapter on grief and mourning covers the crucial topic of how to give newly bereaved children the support they need. This handbook combines factual information with broader suggestions for teachers to use when discussing death with children. Readable and practical, it will be invaluable for teachers who have to broach this sensitive issue within the school environment

Location: Wilson Library BF723.D3 J33x 2002

Author: Maggie Jackson and Jim Colwell.