Encompasses all areas of social, political, economic and foreign policy, showing how issues were explored and legislation was formed. Includes House of Commons sessional papers from 1715 to the present, with supplementary material back to 1688. Includes Records of proceedings, the Debates (Hansard), and the House of Commons journal; Sessional papers providing information to parliament on matters of policy and administration: Bills, House papers, and Command papers. Also includes those Papers of the House of Lords presented to the Commons, such as reports prepared by Lords Select Committees.

A rich source of primary source material on all aspects of American history, from the bound, sequentially numbered volumes of all the reports, documents, and journals of the US Senate and House of Representatives. Additional congresses are added each month. (coverage of 1817-1980; see ProQuest Congressional for full coverage)

Statistical database of research performance measures on universities, research institutes, government labs, and other institutions. Contains the number of Thomson Scientific-indexed papers from each institution and the number of times the papers were cited from 1981 to the current year. Now part of Web of Knowledge.

There are three types of reports included in this database: ULI Development Case Studies The short, summary versions of each case study may be viewed free. To view the complete case study with photos, site plans, project data, and a report on the development process requires an annual subscription. Award Winning Projects These are reports on ULI Award for Excellence winners and in many cases may be viewed free. Cool Projects These include a brief description and a link to the project's web site and may be viewed free.

"The worlds's largest technical encyclopedia," this is also a very trusted source of information on a wide variety of fields that involve chemistry.

Lists information for over a quarter-million serial records such as newspapers, popular and trade magazines, and academic and scholarly journals. Includes active, ceased, and forthcoming publications. Search by title, subject and more.

Umbra Search African American History is a freely available search tool and widget that brings together over 500,000 digitized materials documenting African American culture and history from over 1,000 libraries, archives, and cultural heritage institutions.

UN Comtrade is the largest and most detailed database of international trade data available. It supports research into bilateral trade of individual commodities (e.g. trade of wool between Uraguay and the USA). Commodities are classified according to SITC), the Harmonized System (HS), and Broad Economic Categories (BEC). Data are available annually and monthly from 1962-present.

UNBISnet, the UN Bibliographic Information System, is the primary index to United Nations documentation published since 1979, or earlier for selected major documents, by the United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Library and the Library of the UN Office at Geneva. It also includes the catalogue of the collections of the Dag Hammarskjold Library.
Included are:

  • Links to full text of resolutions adopted by the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council and the Security Council, going back to 1946
  • the voting records for all resolutions which were adopted by the General Assembly beginning with its 1st session (1946-) and the Security Council beginning with its 1st year (1946-)
  • citations to speeches made in the General Assembly beginning with its 38th session (1983-), the Security Council beginning with its 38th year (1983-), the Economic and Social Council beginning in 1983 and the Trusteeship Council beginning with its 15th special session (1982)

This database provides international statistics on all major social and economic subjects. It replaces the older database "UN Common Database" which will be discontinued in mid-2008.

Bibliographic records and full text access to UNESCO documents and publications in the Organization's fields of competence (education, science, culture, social and human sciences, communication and information) as well as acquisitions of the Library and the various Sectors: UNESCO resolutions and decisions since 1946.

Presents statistics of overall industrial growth, detailed data on business structure and statistics on major indicators of industrial performance by country in the historical time series.

For access details, please review UNIDO Statistics Online.

Includes all multilateral treaties deposited with the Secretary-General of the United Nations and those formerly deposited with the League of Nations - their latest status and a link to the full texts; bilateral and multilateral treaties registered with and published by the United Nations Secretariat in accordance with Article 102 up to a certain date - Detailed treaty references and full texts in all authentic languages; recently deposited multilateral treaties that have been deposited but not yet published - available for viewing and downloading in some or all of their authentic languages.

A unified gateway to full-text newspapers, journals, and digital libraries compiled and hosted by East View Information Services. Russian-studies resources include:
Current Digest of the Russian Press
International Affairs digital archive
Literaturnaia Gazeta digital archive
Russian Central Newspapers
Russian National Bibliography
World News Connection
and more

Caliber is the online journals hosting service of University of California Press. Designed to meet the research needs of scholars, researchers, and students, Caliber holds the content for most journals published by UC Press.

Remote access available for University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities students, staff and faculty

The online version of the print publications: Directory of American firms operating in foreign countries, and: Directory of foreign firms operating in the United States, Uniworld is the authoritative source of information on multinational firms operating around the world. U.S. companies listed have a substantial investment in overseas operations--wholly or partially owned subsidiary affiliate or branch [sic]. Non U.S. companies (foreign firms) listed have substantial investment within the United States.

UpToDate is a subscription-based electronic clinical database with searchable, up-to-date topic reviews. The topic reviews include links to related subjects, references, tables, charts, graphics, X-rays, video, and drug information. (On site access only)

Indexes publications relating to the history of urban forestry; urban forest legislation; the benefits of urban forests; selection and planting of trees; maintenance of the urban forest; planning and management; and urban forestry programs. Covers journal articles, books, conference proceedings, government documents. Database produced by the U of Minn Forestry Library.

USA Today is available, beginning with 2009, as full text images as part of the ProQuest Digitized Newspapers collection. The most current issues are not available because of the publishing schedule.

Subscription has been cancelled effective August 31, 2018.

Current and cumulative U.S. export and import data for over 9,000 export commodities and 17,000 import commodities. Provides trade statistics using the Harmonized System (HS) up to the 10-digit level and the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) commodity classification codes up to the 6-digit level. Individuals will need to create an account to use the database. Find instruction on the Census page.

This database from the the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office offers the full text of all US patents issued since January 1, 1976 and full-page images of each page of every US patent issued since 1790 through the most recent weekly issue date.

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