About Us


We are here to support the document delivery and research needs of our clients. We provide professional service in a personable way. Feel free to talk to us about your document and research needs.

What We Do

InfoNOW offers document delivery, citation verification, database searching, reference research and advanced secondary research service. In conjunction with the staff of the University of Minnesota Libraries, we offer subject matter expertise in the research tools most appropriate to your needs.

How We Serve

For over 25 years, InfoNOW has proudly provided client-focused service, customized to meet specific information and research needs. InfoNOW offers dependable discovery and delivery of information in all fields and disciplines.

Who We Serve

InfoNOW provides services for a broad spectrum of clients and seeks opportunities to support new fields. Our current clientele represent the following industries and sectors:

  • Law Firms: medical and intellectual property interests
  • Technology Firms: information, medical, design, animal science and environmental specialties
  • Financial Services: insurance and investing fields
  • Health Care Organizations and Providers
  • Engineering Firms: all disciplines
  • Information Consultants, Brokers and Consumers