The Libraries have a variety of spaces useful for studying and doing research. With over 12 Libraries, we have a ton of study spaces. This can come in handy in case your roommate is like this from Purdue Libraries:

Our four largest locations: Wilson Library, Walter Library, Bio-Medical Library and Magrath Library tend to have more rooms and longer hours. Here are a few examples of some of the spaces around the libraries:

Group and Quiet Study

Most open study spaces are first-come, first served, though a number of group study rooms and spaces are now reservable online by U of M students, faculty and staff. 

Wilson Library, West Bank


Wilson Library 4th Floor

4th Floor

Wilson Library Ames Library

Ames Library

Wilson Library Group Study

Group Study

Wilson Library 2nd Floor

2nd Floor

Walter Library, East Bank


Walter Library, 2nd floor

2nd floor, 208, Quiet Study Room

Walter Library, SMART Commons

SMART Commons, 204, group study rooms (first-come, first-served)

Walter Library, Great Hall

Great Hall, 2nd floor

Walter Library, SMART Commons

SMART Commons


Bio-Medical Library, East Bank


Bio-Medical Library Bio-Medical Library

Magrath Library, St. Paul


Magrath LibraryMagrath Library, SMART Commons

SMART Commons

Deep Quiet Study

Wilson Library Deep Quiet Study

Wilson Library Deep Quiet Study

Studying with Coffee

Walter Library, Coffee Shop, basement

You can bring in covered beverages into just about all the libraries but we have two coffee shops within the libraries: