About University of Minnesota Lending

Who We Are

We are the lending unit of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities interlibrary loan department. The materials you request are retrieved by Minitex staff and delivered
electronically or via UPS or USPS, usually within 24 hours of receipt. Fees are charged to libraries from non-consortial locations. Our OCLC code is MNU. Our DOCLINE code is MNUMIN.

What We Lend

We supply loans and copies from the humanities, health sciences, social and educational sciences, general sciences, math, journalism and engineering collections to the academic community as part of the public service mission of the University of Minnesota.

Items at the University of Minnesota's Law Library (MLL) may be requested directly from that library.

To find which collection houses a particular title, search the online catalog.

Who We Lend To

We share resources with libraries of other not-for-profit institutions, such as academic, public libraries, and hospitals outside of the Minitex region. Individuals or for-profit library borrowers may find these links to commercial lending services useful.

How to Request Items

Request Guidelines

  • All loans are subject to recall.
  • Requests to be shipped via Federal Express will be billed to your account number so please include it with your request.
  • We lend up to five volumes/reels per request.
  • If you submitted your request via OCLC or DOCLINE, please use the same system for renewals.
  • Please state the maximum cost your institution is willing to pay. See the fee schedule for our standard charges.
  • We only lend to not-for-profit institutions. If you are an individual or are contacting us from a for-profit institution, please use these links to commercial lending services to find a service that will be able to process your request.

Request Formats

We accept requests in a variety of formats including:


We ship materials via:

  • U.S. Mail (Photocopies—First Class)
  • UPS (Loans)
  • Air Mail (International Loans)
  • Federal Express (Available on request, must be billed to borrowing library's FedEx account.)
  • Article Exchange, Odyssey
  • Fax
  • By other means as prearranged

Circulation Policies

  • Our standard loan period is 17 weeks, with one 17-week renewal, for most items.
  • Reference materials, music CDs, and special collections are non-circulating.
  • Some periodicals may circulate on a case-by-case basis.
  • Microfilm and PhD Theses can not be lent overseas. Contact Proquest for more information about acquiring dissertations.
  • No renewals on microforms or periodicals. Microforms are in-library use only.
  • All audiovisual material that does circulate is subject to a loan period of one week patron use with no renewals allowed.
  • All items are subject to recall.
  • Items that are more than 90 days overdue will be billed for a replacement copy.

Prices & Billing


  • $15 IFM for U.S. requests up to 75 pages
  • $20 Invoiced for U.S. requests up to 75 pages
  • $11 EFTS or Invoiced for U.S. DOCLINE requests up to 75 pages
  • $25 IFM for International Requests up to 75 pages
  • $30 Invoiced for International Requests up to 75 pages
  • 2 Full IFLA Vouchers
  • $3 for each additional 10-page increment
  • $18 IFM for U.S. Loans (up to 5 volumes per request)
  • $20 Invoiced for U.S. Loans (up to 5 volumes per request)
  • $11 EFTS or Invoiced for U.S. DOCLINE loan requests
  • $30 IFM for International Loans (for first volume, plus actual postage charges for addional volumes, up to five.)
  • 3 Full IFLA Vouchers
  • $35 Invoiced for International Loans (for first volume, plus actual postage charges for additional volumes, up to five.)

Exceptions: We have reciprocal relationships with the Big Ten Academic Alliance libraries, RLG SHARES libraries, and DOCLINE libraries. Borrowing prices for those libraries are determined by reciprocal agreement.


  • You will be billed on a monthly basis for all ILL transactions that are not handled through OCLC IFM or DOCLINE EFTS.
  • Please reference our invoice number on all payments.
  • OCLC Interlibrary Loan Fee Management (IFM) is preferred for Worldcat Resource Sharing transactions. EFTS is preferred for DOCLINE transactions.
  • Credit card payments made with Mastercard or Visa will be accepted. Download the Credit Card transaction form (PDF; 20 KB). For more information please call 612-624-2067.
  • IFLA vouchers are also accepted; we charge three full vouchers for loans and two full vouchers for copy requests.
  • Payment will be accepted in U.S. Dollars and International Money Orders (in denominations of U.S. Dollars).
  • We are unable to process wire transfers for payment of invoices.
  • Postal Coupons will not be accepted.

Mail payments to:

University of Minnesota Lending—Minitex
Accounts Receivable
University of Minnesota
Wilson Library, Room 60
309 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA

Questions regarding invoices received for University of Minnesota Lending materials should be directed to the Accounts Receivable Office c/o:

Terry Beseman
Phone: 800-462-5348 or 612-624-0322
Fax: 612-624-1199
Secure Credit Card Fax: 612-626-5380

Contact Information

Contact lending staff for inquiries on requests, overdue items, lost books, incorrect items received, and other request issues.

To ensure that your correspondence is answered promptly, please direct all University of Minnesota Lending email to docstou@umn.edu.


Cassie Visser
Library Supervisor
Phone: 612-624-4388

Janine Amaral
Library Assistant II
Phone: 612-625-6310

Elizabeth Loetscher

Library Assistant II
Phone: 612-624-8720

Obinnaya Oji
Library Manager
Phone: 612-624-4385

Mailing Address

MNU Lending—Minitex
Wilson Library, Room 60
309 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA