Different research tools will help you to find different types of sources. Here are examples of two common research tools useful for doing academic research: MNCAT Logo MNCAT, the Libraries catalog (use the "Books" tab on the libraries home page) searches for what the Libraries owns including books, maps, music, videos, and more. ASP logo Academic Search Premier (use the "Articles and Databases" tab on libraries home page) searches through 6000+ journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, which are otherwise not available for searching in Google. It is cross-disciplinary and covers a wide variety of research topics. It is a good place to start academic research.

More tools

More specific resources exist for each academic discipline. For example, if you wanted to search within journals or collections of journals very specific to the field of psychology, you could choose an databases meant for that purpose. These are called subject-specific databases, and the Libraries pay for access to hundreds of these. A few examples of psychology databases are PsycINFO or PsycARTICLES. The Databases by Subject are useful to find more information.
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