The library at the Itasca Biological Station contains books, maps, and other resources that support the students and researchers studying at the Station. In addition, many e-resources on relevant topics are available.

Requesting books while you are at Itasca

Students and researchers at the Itasca Biological Station are welcome to request books to be delivered to them via mail. This includes books that are owned at any University of Minnesota Library or at other libraries.

To order a book:

1. Go to the Interlibrary Loan form on the U Libraries Web site ( Use your U of M e-mail userID and password to sign in.

The form is mainly for obtaining books that are not owned by any U of M library, but for students and researchers at the Itasca, it may also be used to request books that are available on the Twin Cities campus.

2. Under "Submit new request", select Book and fill in as much information as you can.

IMPORTANT: In the Notes field, please put "Deliver to Itasca Biological Station".

A pre-paid return envelope will be included with your book.