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Journal of Opinions, Ideas, and Essays

The Journal of Opinions, Ideas and Essays (JOIE) is a new, digital journal sponsored by the University of Minnesota Retirees Association (UMRA), mounted on the University Digital Conservancy, and intended for the entire University of

Minnesota community. Its function and goal is to provide a digital venue for a wide variety of articles, submitted by any member of the University community - faculty, staff and students, graduate or undergraduate. In the case of undergraduate students, submissions must be either a part of an Honors thesis or endorsed by a faculty mentor. JOIE is free, with open access to all. Articles may be intended either for a broad, general audience or for a more specialized readership. In either case, JOIE is not intended as a substitute for conventional professional journals. Rather, its goal is to provide a vehicle for presenting articles that by their nature are not suitable for conventional journals but are of interest to a wide, informed audience. Examples are: biographical essays, literary essays, matters of curricular interest, speculative proposals, comments on University matters, pedagogical essays, short stories, poetry, book reviews; for scientists speculative hypotheses, monographs or comments on important scientific ideas.

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As an electronic journal it can employ graphics and illustrations in a way that print journals cannot. Thus, it is well suited for photographic essays or other artistic presentations. The only limitations are that the articles not be polemical, ad hominum, politically partisan, libelous, in poor taste or pornographic. In a more positive vein submissions should be lively, coherent, well-written and interesting. All submissions will be evaluated by a member of the Editorial Board whose expertise is most closely related to the substance of the article. Thus, one may consider the articles to be essentially peer reviewed. They will be searchable on search engines such as Google and thus available to a wide audience. We solicit and encourage your submissions. Please see the link to Instructions for authors for more detailed information about submissions.

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