University Libraries

Citing and Managing Sources

Citation Management Tools
Citation services are recommended for graduate students or anyone needing to keep track of many different kinds of references to articles, books, reports, and websites. Check for upcoming workshops on this website.

  • Refworks and Endnote work well with article article databases from the library.
  • Zotero is the most versatile software that captures references from any screen display, document, bibliography, or library database.
  • Mendeley requires downloading and installing the software. Good for references, note taking, and organizing pdf files.

Purdue OWL Online Writing Lab
Detailed examples of how to cite references and create bibliographies using styles from the American Psychological Association, the Chicago Manual of Style and the Modern Language Association.

Harvard Business School Citation Guide
Explains why citing sources is important and gives lots of examples of how to attribute a variety of sources, such as interviews, email, blogs, videos, websites, data sources, market research reports and specialized business databases. Excellent for learning how to cite sources for presentations.

American Marketing Association Reference List Style
The AMA has it's own style for citing books, articles, and online sources. For tables and other notations, consult their Manuscript Guidelines for articles in advertising and marketing journals.