Article Searching

Article Databases for Journalistic Research
Overview of news databases available from the library and how to find scientific articles using library journal subscriptions, article databases, and other science news sources.

Finding business information in Trade Magazines
Trade journals and professional magazines are key sources of information for researching companies, industries, products, and campaigns.


Target Audience Research

Using ComScore
Overview of the comScore subscription at the University Libraries and tutorial on building reports for website analytics

Using Simmons to Find Target Audiences
How to use consumer survey data from Simmons to identify target audiences  for products, brands, and media audiences.

Using iPoll to find Pew Center Research Polls
Video demo of iPoll, a database that collects opinion polls from hundreds of organizations that can be used to explore consumer preferences, beliefs, and other psychographics

Advertising Research Sources
Slide presentation on using media directories, data sources, and professional websites to find information about media outlets and their target audiences, advertising expenditures and statistics and information about about campaigns and trends.


Researching Organizations

Company Information Databases
Presentation on company directories, company profiles and library databases to research public companies.

Finanical Information on Public and Private Companies
Financial information services available from the library.

Nonprofit Research
How to use directories to find information about foundations, associations, and other kinds of nonprofits along with financial information from Form 990 tax returns.