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Iberia, Ibero-America, and Lusophone Africa on the Internet: A Selected Guide
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Definitions and Disclaimers
In this guide, I am including sites related to Spain, Portugal, Lusophone Africa, Ibero-America, and the Spanish-speaking population of the United States. I have focused on information sources and periodicals. This is a selective list. I also want to remind the user that Internet sites are some times short lived. In part, my focus on information databases and periodicals online is due to the experience that they are more stable than discussion groups. I am not responsible for address changes, although I will do my best to keep this guide up to date. Finally, it is intended for those who already have a grasp of how to use such net tools as listserv, gopher, and World Wide Web.

If you are interested in learning about resources available at the University of Minnesota Libraries or through the menu of online services provided by the Libraries (LUMINA), consult Iberian and Ibero-American Studies at the University of Minnesota Libraries: A Pathfinder.

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Discussion Groups

  • Amazonia-L
    Discussion group on themes related to the Amazonian region. Send message "subscribe amazonia-l" and your full name.
  • Borges
    This list is for discussing essays and stories by Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges. To subscribe to Borges, send a blank e-mail to the address above. The owner/moderator's address is
  • Chicano/Latinonet
    Electronic gateway between faculty and students. It is a joint project of the Chicano Studies Research Center at the University of California-Berkeley, and the Linguistic Minority Research Institute at the University of California-Santa Barbara.
    A Spanish language mailing list for the discussion of human rights issues. Send message "subscribe Derechos-l" and your e-mail address to address above.
  • DERECHOS-Human Rights (HRIGHTS)
    Mailing list designed for discussion of human rights issues. These include civic, political, economic, and social rights, as defined by international law. Send message "subscribe" to the address above.
    Discussion group on issues of local governments and decentralization. Send message "subscribe Golde" and your e-mail address and full name to address above.
  • HispanoNet
    Discussion group entirely in Spanish to discuss Internet issues related to Spanish speaking peoples worldwide. Send message "Please subscribe," your last name and your first name, to the address above.
  • Iberoamerica
    A public bulletin board on Ibero-American issues. Send message "BBBOARD Subscribe Iberian Issues" and your name.
  • Internet-PB
    Portuguse-spoken mailing list about Internet resources; maintained by the free mailing list server "Cool List."
    List devoted to discussions on issues such as academic networks in Ibero-America, and compilation of a directory of Ibero-American scholars.
  • LEY-Penal
    Ley-Penal is a mailing list for the discussion of criminal and human rights law in Spanish. Send message "subscribe" to the address above
  • Mexico XXI
    Discussion list on political and social issues in Mexico. In order to subscribe to this list, send an e-mail saying "subscribe mexicoxxi" and your e-mail address to the address above.
  • Mexico 2000
    List to discuss the political transitions in Mexico. Send message "subscribe Mexico 2000" in subject to the address above.
    Bulletin board and discussion list for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic poetry. Send message "subscribe Orfeo" and your name to the address above.
  • PaNet-L
    List intended to provide a forum for the sharing of information and discussion within the academic health professions.
  • Redial-L
    Created to facilitate the communication and cooperation among members of REDIAL and researchers and librarians interested in Ibero-America. Send message "subscribe Redial" and your name.
  • Siglo XVIII
    About Ibero-America in the 18th century. Coordinated by Instituto Feijoo de Estudios del Siglo XVIII. To subscribe to the following, ignore the subject and write "subscribe Siglo XVIII" in the body of the email.
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Internet Sites
Here are several World Wide Web sites with information on Iberia, Ibero-America or the Spanish speaking population of the United States.
  • Archivos Espanoles en Red
    This site includes materials in Spanish archives such as the Archivo de Indias in Seville, the Archivo Nacional in Madrid, and the Archivo de Simancas.
  • Banco de España
    Site containing useful statistical information on Spain's economy and finances.
  • Basque Database
    This site provides access to information about Basque topics written or produced after 1994.
  • Biblioteca Digital Andina
    Collection of e-books including Bolivian, Columbian, Ecuadorian, Peruvian and Venezuelan authors prepared with the support of eleven Andean academic institutions.
  • Biblioteca Virtual del CLACSO
    This site brings full-text access to journal articles, working papers, books, and theses at CLACSO centers in 21 Latin-American and Caribbean countries.
  • Brazil. Literatura Brasileira: Textos literários em meio eletrônico
    Web site containing chief works of the most important Brazilian authors now on public domain, reviews written at the time of publishing, biographies, and research done by the Center for Research on Computing Literature and linguistics of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, in Florisanopolis, Brazil
  • Brazil. Government
    Home page of the Brazilian government containing information about the actions of the president.
  • Brazilian Studies: Researching Brazil
    Searchable databae of 800+ citations of articles from over 70 Brazilian journals, containing selected links to Brazilian research centers, plus selected links to web sites on topics such as oral history.
  • Brazilink
    Site about social development in Brazil.
    This site gives access to publications of the Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad in Buenos Aires.
  • Cervantes Project
    Dedicated to the author of Don Quijote, this site includes links to the Cervantes International Bibliography, at Madrid's Biblioteca Nacional, and to the Cervantes Society of America.
  • Chicanos/Latinos in Minnesota
    Collection of Hispano or Latino community democraphic profiles for over 200 geographic areas in Minnesota, taken from the Summary File 1, Cesus of Population and Housing data that the U.S. Census Bureau released in 2001.
  • Ciberamerica
    Database including links to portals and databases from the 22 nation states in the Commidad Iberamericana.
  • Congreso Nacional Indigena
    Site established on the occasion of the celebration of the Congreso Nacional Indigena of 8-12 October 1996, in Mexico City.
    Spanish dictionary online including older editions.
  • Cuban Studies Institute At Tulane
    Web site of the Cuban Studies Institute, a collaborative network of Cuban and American institutions that promotes the exchange of academic and cultural programs.
    Database published by the Spanish Ministry of Culture including statistics and other information about Spanish culture, and books published in Spain (Spanish ISBN).
  • Derechos
    Excellent site for human rights in Latin America.
  • Dialnet
    Database including digitized tests of thousands of articles from Spanish periodicals. It includes all the journals published by the Universidad Complutense.
  • Dictionary of the Royal Academy (1739)
    First edition of the Spanish dictionary available online in a searchable format. An invaluable source for archaic terms or words which have changed in meaning over the years.
  • DOCUSEEK - Films
    This database scans the inventory of seven leading film distributors of independant documentary, social issue, and educational films.
  • Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLA)
    This is the site of an United Nations agency established in 1948; it contains publications such as the annual Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean, and a database of regional trade disputes: The Integrated Database of Trade Disputes for Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Electoral Data Sets
    Electoral data from third wave democracies (including South America) gathered by Miguel Centellas, at Western Michigan University.
  • Global Legal Information Network
    A database of laws, regulations, and other complimentary legal sources contributed by the government of the members. Server presently located at the United States of America's Library of Congress.
  • Historical Text Archive
    This site contains archival information, including a section devoted to colonial Latin American history.
  • H-Latam Archives
    Important source to information in Latin American history, including links to archival sources.
  • Instituto Camoes
    Site of the Lisbon-based institution dedicated to the dissemination of information on the Portuguese language and culture, in addition to Lusophone cultures throughout the world.
  • Instituto Cervantes
    Web site of the Instituto Cervantes. It gives access to Archivo de Indias, and to Portal del Hispanismo (containing data on scholars, academic departments, and Hispanic Studies associations.
  • Inter-American Development Bank
    Information on the Bank and the region that it serves. It contains a database of basic socio-economic indicators for the 26 member countries eligible to borrow from the Bank.
  • LADARK: Latin America Development Archive
    This site gives access to the Ibero-American Development Electronic Archive at Johns Hopkins University. It contains data sets and other information useful to Latinamericanists.
  • Latin American Historic Newspapers
    Finding list of historic newspapers housed in the Archives and Special Collections Department of the Dodd Center a the University of Connecticut Library in Storrs, Connecticut.
  • Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) Authentication Required
    The Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) website features datasets from academic studies based on survey research conducted mainly in Latin America. ​

    The Libraries' subscription includes access to all datasets of surveys carried out by LAPOP as part of the AmericasBarometer. The AmericasBarometer rounds of surveys started in 2004, and they have been carrying out surveys every two years following 2004. The database includes access to single-country datasets for each round and merged datasets (per round, per country, and Grand Merge 2004 to date). The number of countries included on each round is different. Use the following link to see the countries included on each round of the AmericasBarometer:

    The database also includes access to the Colombia off-cycle surveys (as listed in the link above). Surveys conducted by LAPOP prior to 2004 and other specials studies that are not part of the AmericasBarometer are not included in this database.

  • Latino Resources
    Latino/Hispanic/border-related internet information with links to major directories, specific sites, lists, and usenet groups.
  • LatinoWeb
    Latinoweb is a virtual information center for Latino Businesses, non-profit organizations and the community.
  • Leyes de Indias
    Selection of the codified laws governing what is today known as Spanish America between 1492 and the end of the sovereignty of the Spanish Crown in the 1820s (and 1868 in Cuba and Puerto Rico). These compilations of laws should be considered in the context of common laws systems, that is, their implementation was based on precedent and local customs and exceptions.
  • Library of Congress Hispanic Reading Room
    This website contains digital information on Iberia and Latin America, including country studies publsihed by the United States Government and the online edition of the Handbook of Latin American Studies.
  • Linguistic Data Consortium
    This site includes information about Voice Across Hispanic America (VAHA), a corpus of Spanish telephone speech, recorded digitally from 915 native speakers of Spanixh in various parts of the United States.
  • Mapas Project
    This database contains colonial Mesoamerican pictorial manuscripts showing the territories or landscapes of indigenous communities.
  • Mexarte
    Important source to bibliographic information about Mexican art and architecture.
  • MPB FM (Brazil)
    Brazilian station that broadcasts excusively Brazilian music.
  • Musica Antigua de America Latina
    Important sources for the study of Latin American music from 1500 to 1800, including information on recordings of Baroque music.
  • OAS - Organization of American States
    The Organization of American States (OAS) is playing a central role in working toward many of the goals that are shared by the countries of North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Through the Summit of the Americas process, the hemisphere's heads of state and government have given the OAS important responsibilities and mandates, including:
    • Strengthening freedom of speech and thought as a basic human right;
    • Promoting greater participation by civil society in decision-making at all levels of government.
    • Improving cooperation to address the problem of illegal drugs; and
    • Supporting the process to create a Free Trade Area of the Americas.
  • Palabra Virtual
    Site with full text of Latin American and Spanish poems. It has a search engine that allows to type in a few words and find poems containing those words.
    Internet based portal that permits simple and complex keyword searching of articles in Spain, including the Archivo General de Indias and that at Simaneas.
  • Persee
    Website for science and social science journals in French. It includes a considerable number of articles about Latin America in full text.
  • Portal Nacional Mexico
    This portal gives access to works digitized at the Biblioteca Nacional de Mexico, and at libraries in El Colegio de Mexico and Universidad Iberoamericana.
  • Recolecta
    Collaborative effort of Spain's Red de Bibliotecas Universitanas and Fundacio Espanola para la Ciencia y Termoligia containing research papers issued by Spanish academic institutions.
  • RedALyC
    Red de Revistas Cientificas de America Latina y el Caribe is sponsored by the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico. It contains digitized articles.
  • Red Cientifica Peruana
    A non-profit, self-sufficient cooperative providing internet services with and within Ibero-America.
  • Religion in Latin America
    This site provides an information resource combining animated discussion with contemporary research.
  • Researching Brazil
    Databases containing links to library and archival collections, institutions, and online directories of Brazilian specialists worldwide.
  • RTP-Africa
    Portuguese station dedicated to Lusophone Africa.
    Information on the activities of SALALM, an international organization of librarians in Ibero-American studies.
  • SciELO
    SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online is a model for cooperative electronic publishing of scientific journals on the Internet. Especially conceived to meet the scientific communication needs of developing countries, particularly Latin America and the Caribbean countries, it provides an efficient way to assure universal visibility and accessibility to their scientific literature, contributing to overcome the phenomena known as 'lost science'. --From the website
  • Science in Latin America
    Web site dedicated to the history of science in Latin America. It may be described as a "bulletin board" where scholars may post news, articles, and links to thier own personal web pages.
  • Scientific Expeditions of the Enlightenment
    This site at the Sociedad Geografica Espanola has a seccion with useful information about the scientific expeditions financed by the Spanish Crown in the 18th century, during the period called "La Ilustration" in Spanish. There is information in geodesic expedition about the geodesic expedition sent to Ecuador in 1735 about the botanical expedition botanical expedition in present day Colombia and about the interdisciplinary expedition interdisciplinary expedition directed by the Italian Alejandro Malaspina in 1794
  • SIC Online
    Portuguese private television station.
  • Spain: Casa de America
    Site with information about the Spanish Institution for Cultural exchange between Spain and Spanish America.
  • Spain: Ministerio de Cultura
    Database from Spain's Department of Cultural Affairs. It includes a guide to Spanish-American archives, a guide to sources for the history of Spain and Ibero-America, documents about the Spanish civil war of 1936, documents for the history of Ibero-America (particulary on Cuba), and documents for the history of science in Spain and Spanish America.
  • Transboundary Agreements Infobase
    Site containing free and unrestricted access to agreements and treaties on transboundary environmental cooperation in North America.
    Latin American Network Information Center at the University of Texas-Austin.
  • Women in Chiapas
    An interactive discussion and creation space addressing issues of importance to women in Chiapas.
  • Women in Latin America
    Web site on women in Latin American Studies dedicated to the promotion of networking and dialogue on issues related to women and culture in Latin America.
  • World Bank Group: Home Page
    The World Bank is a development institution whose goal is to reduce poverty by promoting sustainable economic growth in its client countries.
  • World News Connection Authentication Required
    An online resource of news from around the world, obtained from newspaper articles, television and radio broadcasts, online sources, conference proceedings, periodicals, and non-classified reports. NOTE: This resource has been discontinued and is now an archive of world news between 1995 and 2013.
  • Zapatistas in Cyberspace
    A comprehensive website with analysis and links maintained at the University of Texas - Austin.
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News Publications on the World Wide Web
An increasing number of newspapers are now appearing in World Wide Web editions. Most often only fragments from the issue of the day are available, but some publishers are now offering full issues, and in a few cases, complete holdings. Here are a few examples. We hope to be able to update this guide frequently, but given the rapid changes taking place we ask your forbearance if we lag behind change.
  • ABC
    This newspaper is Spain's oldest daily.
  • Clarin
    Clarin is one of the most widely read Argentinean newspapers.
  • Diario de Noticias
    One of the most important Portuguese dailies. It has a centrist point of view.
  • Diario de Pernambuco
    The Diario de Pernambuco is the oldest continuously published daily in Ibero-America, at 170 years old. Complete holdings.
  • Expresso
    Digital edition of Portuguese newspaper.
  • O Globo
    This is considered to be the Brazilian newspaper with the largest circulation.
  • Jornada, La
    Perhaps the Mexican daily with fastest increasing circulation. Its editorial viewpoint is left-center.
  • El Mundo
    Important daily from Madrid, Spain.
  • El Nuevo Herald
    The Spanish edition of The Miami Herald, with thorough coverage of Latin American news. Two days only.
  • Publico Online
    Online edition of an important Portuguese daily. It has a center-left point of view.
  • El Pais
    Abridged version of this daily. Spain's most widely read newspaper. No longer free, this site allows individual users to set up a 30-day free trial subscription.
  • Reforma
    Major Mexican daily newspaper
  • La Republica
    La Republica is a Lima newspaper. This site helps find links to other sites in Peru.
  • Temas
    Cuban journal of general interest published quarterly by the Secretary of Culture.
  • El Tiempo
    Information service of Colombia's most widely read daily.
  • Visao
    One of the two most read weekly Brazilian magazines.

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