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Finding Norwegian Bygdeboker Held at the University of Minnesota Libraries

The Norwegian bygdebok is one of the best sources of Norwegian genealogical information. It is a history of a specific community, recording who lived where, and when. It may also include birth, marriage, and death dates; landholdings and chattels; physical descriptions of the farms, buildings, and residents and their possessions; and accounts of historical events. Some may trace family lines back to the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Bygdeboker are published in Norwegian and often do not have indexes.

The University of Minnesota Libraries has a large collection of bygdeboker and other sources of Norwegian local history. However, the Libraries do not have every one published and the ones we do have are often difficult to find in MNCAT, the Libraries' online catalog.

Following is a list of subject headings that will help you find information on specific localities, including bygdeboker. If the community in which you are interested is not included on this list, try searching for the name of the community as a subject or as a keyword in MNCAT, the University Libraries' computerized catalog. Be creative. Try all spellings of the community name. A subject search will generally result in fewer citations; a keyword search will list more sources, but they may not be as relavent. Try both types of searches. You may be surprised with what you find. You can also try a subject search for farms--norway for a list of some, but not all, of the farms found in local histories, and norway--gazetteers for locations of farms. Also try a keyword search using the term bygdebok.

When entering your search in MNCAT, ignore the Norwegian characters such as æ, å, â, and ø. æ should be entered as ae, å and â as a, and ø as o, unless otherwise noted in the subject list. If you don't find anything using a for å, try aa. This list is alphabetized for the American user, disregarding diacritics such as å, â, ø in the process of alphabetizing.

Guides to Area Collections of Bygdeboker
  • Norwegian local history : a bibliography of material in the collections of the Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    • Location(s): TC Wilson Library DL449 .H55x 1989 Regular Loan TC Wilson Library Reference DL449 .H55x 1989 Non-Circulating
    Check MNCAT Record for Location and Availability
  • Norsk lokalhistorisk litteratur, 1946-1970
    A bibliography of books and pamphlets pertaining to Norwegian local history. Issued in 19 parts, each covering an individual county, this work supplements Harald Andresen's work (above). Location: Wilson Reference DL445 .O84x 1976
    • Location(s): TC Wilson Library Reference DL445 .O84x 1976 Non-Circulating
    Check MNCAT Record for Location and Availability
  • Norsk lokalhistorisk litteratur : bibliografi over by- og bygdebøker, regionhistorie og periodika ca. 1900-1996
    • Location(s): TC Wilson Library Reference DL445 .N676x 1997 Non-Circulating
    Check MNCAT Record for Location and Availability
Subject Headings

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Aal. Search under Ål (Norway)
Aarstad (Norway)
Aas (Norway)
Åbygge (keyword search for abygge)
Ådal (keyword search for aadal)
Agder (Norway)
Aker (Oslo, Norway)
Akershus flyke (Norway)
Ål (Norway)
Ålen (Norway)
Alenfit (Norway)
Ålesund (Norway)
Alstahaug herad (Norway)
Alta-Talvik (Norway)
Alvdal (Norway)
Alvøen. See Alvøy (Norway)
Alvøy (Norway)
Ålvundeid (keyword search for alvundeid)
Amli, Norway (Aust-Agder)
Åmot (Norway)
Andebu (Norway)
Årdal (Norway)
Årdal (Rogalund, Norway)
Årdal (Sogn og Fjordane,Norway)
Aremark (Norway). See also Øymark (Norway)
Arendal (Norway)
Ås. Search under Aas (Norway)
Åsane (Norway)
Asen (Nord-Trondelag fylke, Norway)
Åseral (Norway)
Äsgårdstrand (Norway)
Asker (Norway)
Askim (Norway)
Askvoll (Norway)
Askøy (Norway)
Åsnes (Norway)
Astafjord (Norway)
Aukra (Norway)
Aurdal . See Valdres (Norway)
Aure (Norway)
Aurland (Norway)
Aurskog-Høland (Norway)
Aust-Agder (Norway)
Austevoll herad (Norway)
Austrheim (Norway)
Avaldsnes (Norway)


Båstad (Norway)
Bærum (Norway)
Bakklandet. See Trondheim. Bakke kirke
Balestrand (Norway)
Bardu (Norway)
Basland (Norway)
Bear Island (Norway)
Begndal. Kirken.
Beiarn (keyword search for beiarn)
Beitstad (Norway)
Bergen (Norway)
Biri (Norway)
Birkelandstølen. See Rogaland fylke (Norway)
Birkenes (Norway)
Bjelland (Norway)
Bjerkreim (Norway)
Bjørgvin. See Bergen, Norway (Diocese)
Bjørnøya. See Bear Island (Norway)
Bø (Norway)
Bø (Nordland, Norway) Bodin. See Bodø (Norway)
Bodø (Norway)
Bogstad (Norway)
Bolsøy (Norway)
Bømlo (Norway)
Borge (Norway)
Borgefjell Nasjonalpark, Norway
Borgund (More og Romsdal fylke, Norway)
Borgund. See Lærdal (Norway)
Borre (Norway)
Botne. See Botnedalen (Norway)
Brandval (Norway)
Bratsberg (Amt). Also under Telemark fylke (Norway)
Brattvåg (Norway)
Breim (Norway)
Brekke (Norway)
Brekken (Norway)
Bremnes. See Bømlo (Norway)
Brevik (Norway). Also Skein (Norway)
Brønnøy (Norway)
Brøttum (Norway)
Bruflat. See Etnedal (Norway)
Brunlanes (Norway)
Bryn kirke, Børum (Norway)
Buksnes (Norway)
Buskerud fylke (Norway)
Buvik (Norway)
Bygdøy (Norway)
Byneset (Norway)


Dalane. See Jæren
Dale, Norway (Sogn og Fjordane)
Degernes (Norway)
Dovre (Norway)
Drammen (Norway)
Drangedal herred (keyword search for drangedal)
Drangedal (Norway)
Dypvåg kirke, Aust-Agder, Norway


Egersund (Norway)
Eid. See Kvinnherad (Norway)
Eidanger (Norway)
Eide (Norway)
Eidfjord. See Hardanger (Norway)
Eidsberg (Norway)
Eidskag (Norway)
Eidskog. See Eidskag
Eidsvoll. See Feiring (Norway)
Eiker (Norway)
Eigersund. (keyword search for eigersund)
Eksingedalen. See Modalen (Norway)
Elverum (Norway)
Enebakk herad (Norway)
Engerdal (Norway)
Engerdalen herred. See Engerdal (Norway)
Erfjord. See Jelsa (Norway
Etne (Norway)
Etnedal (Norway)
Evanger (Norway)


Fåberg (Norway)
Fana (Norway)
Farms--Norway--[community/farm name]
Farsund (Norway)
Fauske (Norway)
Feiring (Norway)
Fet (Norway)
Fillefjell (Norway)
Finmarken (Norway)
Finmarkens amt (keyword search for finmarkens amt)
Finnmark fylke (Norway)
Finnoy (keyword search for finnoy)
Finnskogene (Norway)
Fjaler (Norway)
Fjaler (Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)
Fjell (Norway)
Fjon. See Masfjorden
Fjotland herad (Norway)
Flå (Norway)
Flabygd (Norway)
Flatanger (Norway)
Flora (Norway)
Folldal (Norway)
Følling. See Kvam (Norway)
Follo (Norway)
Førde (keword search under forde) Forsand herad (Norway)
Fortun sokn. See Luster (Norway)
Fosen (Norway)
Fræna (Norway)
Fredrikshald (Norway). See also Halden (Norway)
Fredrikstad (Norway)
Fredriksværn. See Fredriksvern (Norway)
Fredriksvern (Norway)
Frei (Norway)
Frogn (Norway)
Frogner (Romerike). See Sørum
Frøland (keyword search for froland)
Fronsbygdin. See Gudbrandsdalen (Norway)
Frosta herad
Frøya (Norway)
Fusa (Norway)
Fyresdal herad (Norway)


Gauldal. See Soknedal (Norway)
Gaupne sokn. See Luster (Norway)
Gausdal (keyword search for gausdal)
Giske herad (Norway)
Gjerdrum (Norway)
Gjerpen (Norway)
Gjerstad (Norway)
Glåmdal. See Setesdal (Norway)
Glamos (Norway)
Glemmen (keyword search for glemmen)
Gloppen (Norway)
Gol (Norway)
Granvin (Norway)
Granvin herad (Norway)
Grimstad (Norway)
Grindheim (Norway)
Grip. See Kvernes (Norway)
Grong (Norway)
Grue (Norway)
Grundset. See Elverum (Norway)
Gudbrandsdalen (Norway)
Guddal (Norway)
Gullstein Kirke


Hå (Norway)
Hægebostad (Norway)
Hålandsdal (Norway)
Hålogaland (Norway)
Hadeland (Norway)
Hakadal (Norway)
Halden (Norway)
Hallingdal (Norway)
Haltdalen (Norway)
Hamar (Norway)
Hamarøy (Norway)
Hammerfest (Norway)
Hanaland. See Rogaland fylke (Norway)
Haram (Norway)
Hardanger (Norway)
Hardangervidda (Norway)
Hareid (Norway)
Harran (Norway)
Harstad (Norway)
Hasvik (Norway)
Hattfjelldal (Norway)
Haug. See Ringerike (Norway)
Haugesund (Norway)
Haugum (Norway)
Håvodl. See Rogaland fylke (Norway)
Hedalen. See Heidal (Norway)
Hedmark flyke (Norway)
Hedemarkens amt. See Hedmark flyke (Norway)
Hedrum (Norway)
Heggen. See Askim (Norway)
Hegra (Norway)
Heidal (Norway)
Heim. See Hemne (Norway)
Helgeland (keyword search for helgeland)
Helgøy herad (Norway)
Helleland (Norway)
Helm (Norway)
Hemne (Norway)
Hemnes. See Alstahaug herad (Norway); Rana Region (Norway)
Hemsedal (Norway)
Hennebygda (Norway)
Herøy (Norway)
Herøy, Nordland. See Alstaguag herad (Norway)
Heskestad (Norway)
Hetland (keyword search for hetland)
Hitterdal (keyword search for hitterdal)
Hjartdal herad (Norway)
Hjørundfjord (Norway)
Hof (Vestfold, Norway)
Hoff kirke (Ostre Toten herad, Norway)
Hol (Norway)
Høland (Norway)
Høland (Norway Parish)
Høland. See Aurskog-Høland (Norway)
Høle (Norway)
Holmedal (Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)
Holmestrand (Norway)
Hølonda (Norway)
Holter. See Nannestad (Norway)
Holum (Norway)
Hønefoss (Norway)
Hordaland flyke (Norway)
Hornnes (Aust-Agder, Norway)
Horten (Norway)
Hosanger (Norway)
Høyland (Norway)
Høylandet (Norway)
Høyre (Norway)
Hundholmen. See Hodø
Hurdal (Norway)
Hurum (Norway)
Hvaler (Norway)
Hvam. See Akershus flyke (Norway)


Ibestad (Norway)
Inderøy (Norway)
Iveland (Norway)


Jæderen (Norway)
Jæren (Norway)
Jarlsberg og Larviks (keyword search for jarlsberg og larviks)
Jelsa (Norway)
Jølster (Norway)
Jondal (Norway)
Jostedal sokn. See Luster (Norway) or keyword search for jostedal
Jotunheim (Norway)


Karlsøy herad (Norway)
Karmøy (keyword search for karmoy)
Kaupang site (Norway)
Kausland Kyrkje, Sund, Norway
Kautokeino (Norway)
Kieasan, Simadlen (Norway)
Kinsarvik (Norway)
Kista (keyword search for kista)
Klepp (Norway)
Kongsberg (Norway)
Kongsvinger (Norway)
Kopervik (Norway)
Kragerø (Norway)
Kråkstad (keyword search for krakstad)
Kristians amt. See Opland flyke (Norway)
Kristiansand (Norway)
Kristiansund (Norway)
Krødsherad (Norway)
Krokskogen. See Oslo (Norway)
Kvæfjord (Norway)
Kvænangen herad (Norway)
Kvam (Norway)
Kvernes (Norway)
Kvikne (Norway)
Kvinesdal (Norway)
Kvinnherad (Norway)
Kviteseid (Norway)
Kyrkjebø (Norway)


Lærdal (Norway)
Laksevåg (Norway)
Land (Norway)
Landvik (Norway)
Langesund See Skein (Norway)
Langesundsfiord (Norway)
Lånke (keyword search for lanke)
Lardal (Norway)
Larvik (Norway)
Lavik (Norway)
Leikanger (Norway)
Leksvik (Norway)
Lesja (Norway)
Lesja og Dovre
Levanger (keyword search for levanger)
Lier (Norway)
Lillehammer (Norway)
Lillesand (Norway)
Lillestrøm. See Olso (Norway)
Lindås (Norway)
Lindesnes (keyword search for lindesnes)
Lismarka (Norway)
Lista (Norway)
Lister og Mandal (Norway)
Loddefjord. See Alvoy (Norway)
Lødingen (Norway)
Lofoten (Norway)
Lom (keyword search for lom and norway)
Loppa Island (Norway)
Lørenskog (Norway)
Lund (Norway)
Lunde (Norway)
Lunde, Norway (Telemark)
Luster (Norway)
Lyngen (Norway)
Lyngshalvøy (Norway)


Malm (Norway)
Målselv herad (Norway)
Mandal (Norway)
Marnardal. See Mandal (Norway)
Masfjorden (Norway)
Mehamn (Norway)
Meldal (keyword search for meldal)
Meløy (Norway)
Mesnali (Norway)
Midsund (keyword search for midsund og sandoy)
Mo (Telemark flyke, Norway)
Modalen (Norway)
Modum (Norway)
Møkster (Norway)
Molde (Norway)
Møre og Romsdal fylke (Norway)
Mork (Norway)
Mosjøen (Norway)
Moss (Norway)
Myking (Norway)
Mykland (Norway)
Mysen (Norway)


Nærbø. See Hå (Norway)
Namdal (Norway)
Namdalen (keword search for namdalen)
Namdalseid. See Namdal (Norway)
Namsos (Norway)
Namsskogan (Norway)
Nannestad (Norway)
Narvik (Norway)
Nedenes (Amt)
Nes (Buskerud, Norway)
Nes (Hedmark, Norway)
Nes (Hordaland, Norway)
Nes (Horlanda, Norway)
Nes (Vest Agder, Norway)
Nesna. See Alsthaug (Norway); keyword search for nesna
Nesseby (Norway)
Nesset (Norway)
Nissedal (Norway)
Nittedal (Norway)
Norddal (Norway)
Norderhøv (Norway)
Nordfjord Region (Norway)
Nordland fylke (Norway)
Nordlands amt (keyword search for nordlands amt)
Nordmarka (Norway)
Nordmøre (Norway)
Nord-Odal (Norway)
Nordre Ål. See Ål (Norway)
Nordre Bergenhus amt (keyword search for nordre bergenhus)
Nordre Trondhjems amt (keyword search for nordre trondhjems)
Nordstrand. See Olso. Nordstrand kirke
Nord-Vågsøy. See Nordfjord Region (Norway)
Nørd-Trøndelag fylke (Norway)
Nore (Norway)
Notodden (Norway)
Nottero (Norway)
Nøtterøy (Norway)
Numedal (Norway)


Odal. See Sør-Odal and Nord-Odal
Odda (Norway)
Oddernes (Norway)
Ofoten (Norway)
Ofottunet. See Ofoten (Norway)
Ogna. See Hå (Norway)
Ogndal herad (Norway)
Øksendal (keyword search for oksendal)
Opakermoen (Norway)
Opland (Norway)
Opland flyke (Norway)
Oppdal (Sør-Trøndelag, Norway)
Oppdal (Norway)
Oppegård (Norway)
Oppheim (keyword search for oppheim)
Oppland fylke (Norway)
Orkanger (Norway)
Orkdal (Norway)
Orkland. See Orkdal (Norway)
Ørskog (keyword search for orskog)
Ørsta. See Hjørundfjord
Os (Norway)
Oslo (Norway)
Oslo. Akershus Slot.
Østerdalen (Norway)
Østfold fylke (Norway)
Østraat (Noway)
Østre Gausdal
Østre Toten
Øverbygd (keyword search for overbygd)
Overhalla (Norway)
Øvrebø (Norway)
Øyer (Norway)
Øyestad (Norway)
Øymark (Norway). Also Aremark (Norway)
Øystre Slidre (keyword search for oystre slidre)


Polmak (Norway)
Porsanger (keyword search for porsanger)
Porsgrunn (Norway)


Råde (Norway)
Rakkestad (Norway)
Ramnes (Norway)
Rana Region (Norway)
Randaberg herad (Norway)
Randesund (Norway)
Rauland (Norway)
Rennebu kyrkje
Rindal (Norway)
Ringebu (Norway)
Ringerike (Norway)
Ringsaker (Norway)
Risør (Norway)
Rjukan (Norway)
Rødenes (Norway)
Rogaland fylke (Norway)
Røldal (Norway)
Rollag. See Sorkje, Numedal, Norway
Romedal (Norway)
Romerike (Norway)
Romsdal. See More og Romsdal fylke (Norway)
Romsdalen (Norway)
Romsdals amt (keyword search romsdals)
Rondane (keyword search for rondane)
Røra (Norway)
Røros (Norway)
Rosendal (Manor House)
Røst (Norway)
Røst Island (Norway)
Rovde (Norway)
Røyrvik (Norway)
Ryfylke (Norway)
Rygge (Norway)


Salangen (Norway)
Salten (Norway)
Sameland (keyword search for sameland)
Sami (European People)--Norway
Samnanger (Norway)
Sand (Norway)
Sandar (Norway)
Sandar herad (Norway)
Sande, Norway (Møre og Romsdal)
Sandefjord (Norway)
Sandeherred. See Sandar (Norway)
Sandnes (Norway)
Sandøy (Norway)
Sandsvær (Norway)
Sandvollan. See Rora (Norway)
Sannidal (Norway)
Sarbsborg (Norway)
Sarpsborg (Norway)
Sarpsfossen (Norway)
Sauda herad (Norway)
Sauherad (Norway)
Sel. See Vaage (Norway)
Selbu (Norway)
Selje (Norway)
Seljord (keyword search for seljord)
Sem (Norway)
Senja (keywrod search for senja)
Setesdal (Norway)
Sigdal (Norway)
Siljan (Norway)
Sillejord (keyword search for seljord)
Simadalen. See Kieasan, Simadlen (Norway)
Sirdal Region (Norway)
Sjernarøy (Norway)
Sjusjoen (Norway)
Skåbu (Norway)
Skånevik herad (Norway)
Skåtøy (Norway)
Skatval (keyword search for skatval)
Skaun (Norway)
Skedsmo (Norway)
Skien (Norway)
Skjåk (Norway)
Skjeberg (Norway)
Skjervøy. See Skervoy (Tromsfylke, Norway)
Skjold (Norway)
Skoger (keyword search for skoger)
Skogn (Norway)
Slagen (Norway)
Slagnes (keyword search for slagnes)
Slidre. See Valdres (Norway)
Smaalenenes amt. See Smaalenene (Norway); search also under Østfold flyke (Norway)
Smøla Island (Norway)
Snarøya skole
Snarum kirke
Snertingdal (Norway)
Snillfjord. See Vinje (Sor Trondelag fylke, Norway)
Sogn og Fjordane (Norway)
Sogn og Fjordane fylke (Norway)
Sogndal, Norway (Sogn og Fjordane)
Søgne (Norway)
Soknedal (Norway)
Sola herad (Norway)
Solør (Norway)
Solum (Norway)
Solund herad (Norway)
Sømna (Norway)
Søndeled (Norway)
Søndre Bergenhus amt. See Hordaland flyke (Norway)
Søndre Trondhjems amt (keyword search for sondre trondhjems)
Sør Ål. See Ål
Sør-Audnedal (Norway)
Sør-Aurdal herad (Norway)
Sør-Aurdal. See also Valdres (Norway)
Sørlandet (Norway)
Sør-Odal (Norway)
Sør-Trøndelag fylke (Norway)
Sør-Trondelag (Norway)
Sør-Varanger (Norway)
Sparbu herad (Norway)
Spitsbergen Island (Norway)
Spydeberg (Norway)
Støren (Norway)
Stadsbygd (Norway)
Stange (Norway)
Stathelle. See Skein (Norway) or keyword search for stathelle
Stav. See Tretten (Norway)
Stavanger (Norway)
Stavanger amt
Stavanger. Frue kirke
Stave churches--Norway
Stavern (Norway)
Stedje. See Sogndal, Norway (Sogn og Fjordane) Stedje Kyrkje
Steinkjer (Norway)
Steinvikholm Castle
Stemshaug (Norway)
Stjørdal herad (Norway)
Stokke (Vestfold fylke, Norway)
Stord (Norway)
Størdal (Norway)
Stor-Elvdal (Norway)
Støren (Norway)
Storjorden. See Hattfjelldal (Norway)
Stormarka. See Olso (Norway)
Strømm (Norway)
Strømmen (Akershus fylke, Norway)
Strømsø. See Drammen, Norway. Strømsø kirke
Stranda (Norway)
Strandebarm (Norway)
Strandvik (Norway)
Straumsnes (Norway)
Strinda (Norway)
Strindamarka. See Trondheim (Norway)
Sul (Norway)
Sula (keyword search for sula)
Suldal kommune (Norway)
Sund (Norway)
Sunndal (Norway). Also see Ardal og Sunndal verk
Sunnfjord Region (Norway)
Sunnhordland (keyword search for sunnhordland)
Sunnmøre (Norway)
Surnadal (Norway)
Svalbard (Norway)
Svolvær (Norway)
Sykkylven (Norway)
Syvde (Norway)
Syvde herad (Norway)


Talvik. See Alta-Talvik (Norway)
Tangen (Norway)
Telemark fylke (Norway)
A searchable database for West-Telemark, Norway, is available on the Internet
Time (Norway)
Tingvoll (Norway)
Tinn (Norway)
Tjølling (Norway)
Tjømø (Norway)
Todal (keyword search for todalen)
Tolga (Norway)
Tønsberg (Norway)
Tørdal (Norway)
Toten (Norway)
Træna. See Lofoten (Norway)
Tresfiord (Norway)
Tresfjord (Norway)
Tretten (Norway)
Treungen (Norway)
Trøgstad (Norway)
Tromøy (Norway)
Troms fylke (Norway)
Tromsø (Norway)
Tromsø amt (keyword search for tromso amt)
Trøndelag (Norway)
Trondheim (Norway)
Trysil (Norway)
Tune (Østfold, Norway)
Tunsberg. See Tønsberg
Tustna (keyword search for tustna)
Tvedestrand (keyword search for tvedestrand)
Tveit, Norway (Vest-Agder)
Tydal (Norway)
Tynset (Norway)
Tysfjord (Norway)
Tysnes (Norway)
Tysvær (Norway)


Ulefos gard (Ulefoss, Norway)
Ullensaker (Norway)
Ullensvang (Norway)
Ulstein (Norway)
Ulvik (Norway)
Uskedal (Norway)
Utsira (keyword search for utsira)
Uvdal (Norway)


Vaage (Norway)
Væro (Norway)
Værøy. See Væro (Norway); Værlandet Island (Norway)
Værøy (Nordland fylke, Norway)
Vadsø (Norway)
Vågå. See Vaage (Norway)
Vaksdal (Norway)
Valberg (Norway)
Våle (Norway)
Våler herad (Norway)
Valdres (Norway)
Valsøyfjord (Norway)
Vang stavkyrkje
Vanylven (Norway)
Varaldsøy (Norway)
Varaldskogen (Norway)
Varanger Fjord (Norway)
Vardal (keyword search for vardal)
Vardø (Norway)
Varhaug. See Hå (Norway)
Vartdal (Norway)
Vassfaret (Norway)
Vatne (keyword search for vatne)
Vefsn (Norway)
Vega (Norway)
Vegusdal kyrkje
Veldre. See Ringsaker (Norway)
Velfjord (Norway)
Vennesla (Norway)
Verdal herad (Norway)
Vest-Agder fylke (Norway)
Vestby (Norway)
Vestby, Norway (kommune)
Vesterålen (Norway)
Vestfold fylke (Norway)
Vestford. See Vestfold fylke (Norway)
Vestnes (Norway)
Vestre gausdal (keyword search for vestre gausdal)
Vestre Slidre (keyword search for vestre slidre)
Vevelstad (Norway)
Vigra (keyword search for vigra)
Vik (Sogn og Fjordane fylke, Norway)
Vinger (Norway)
Vinje (Sør-Trøndelag fylke, Norway)
Vinje (Telemark fylke, Norway)
Volda (Norway)
Voss (Norway)
Vossestrand herad (Norway)
Vossestrand (Norway)
Vrådal. See Mo (Telemark fylke, Norway)


Ytre Oslofjorden. See Oslofjorden (Norway)
Ytre Rendal (Norway)

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