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The following guides have been created to help you navigate the collections, resources and services of the Libraries relating to research in the field of Sociology.

Alternative Viewpoints

Anthropology: Resources in the University of Minnesota Libraries

Asian American Studies

Beyond College: Job & Career Information for Sociology/Criminology Students in the University Libraries


Civil Rights Information - A Guide to Library Research

Climate Change & Society: A Growing Conflict

Consumer Culture

Consumer Demographics and Target Audience Research

Criminal Justice Statistics Resources & Data Sets

Criminal Justice Studies: A Selective Guide to the Research Literature

Disability Studies: A Guide to Library Resources

Doing Local History in the Twin Cities

Environment: Social & Cultural Aspects - Key Reference Titles In the University Libraries

Environment: Social & Cultural Aspects - A Guide to Online Resources

Environmental Statistics Sources

EXPLORE! PRESENT! PUBLISH! - Research Opportunities for Undergrads in Sociology & Anthropology

Fake News - How to Get to the Bottom of the Story

Family and Kinship in America: A Guide to Resources in the University Libraries

Folklore & Mythology

GLBT Studies
This subject covers: the "Interdisciplinary scholarship covering a wide range of subjects important to lesbians and gay men, including the history of sexual identities, the development and evolution of a gay and lesbian rights movement, the formation and analysis of gay and lesbian communities and subcultures, and the interrelationship of culture and homosexuality." --p. 358, Completely Queer, 1998, Steve Hogan and Lee Hudson.

Guide to Demographic Statistics

Hmong in America: A Guide for Library Research

Holocaust and Genocide Studies: Resources for Research

Juvenile Justice: A Guide to Library Research

Karen Peoples - From Burma to America: A Guide for Library Research

Political Sociology - A Guide to Library Resources

Population, Migration & Refugee Studies: A Guide to Core Reference Resources

Population Studies - A Guide to Library Research

Public Opinion Information:
A Guide to Library and Internet Resources

Polls and Public Opinion

Race & Inequity in Minnesota: Black Lives Matter

Race & Inequity in Minnesota: Black Lives Matter

This index to journal articles and reports covers all the social sciences, including economics in the context of international affairs. Best source for issues such as international trade and economic policy.

Race & Inequity in Minnesota: Native Lives Matter

Service Learning: A Guide to Library Resources

Social Indicators

Social Science Research Methods - A Guide to Key Reference Sources

Social Theory

Social Work
This subject covers: the professional activity of helping individuals, groups, or communities enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning and creating societal conditions favorable to this goal. (NASW)

Sociology, Rural
This subject covers: the study of social organization and social processes that are characteristic of geographical localities where population size is relatively small and density is low. It is the sociology of rural societies, placed in the context of their relationship to the larger non-rural societies.

Sociology of Law

Sociology of the Family

Sociology of Youth

Sociology of Work

Studying Historic American Prisons

Studying Twin Cities Area Neighborhoods

Understanding the 2016 Elections - A Guide to Some Key Resources

Urban Sociology

Writing and Researching in the Social Sciences - A Guide to Resources in the University Libraries

Effective Web Searching: Tips to Save You Time and Improve Your Web Searching Results
The Web can provide good information - or just waste your precious research time. This guide is intended to help you navigate the Web to effectively and efficiently get the information that you need.

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