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Security Analysts Reports: Full Text
Security Analysts Reports for Publicly Traded Corporations
  • ThomsonOne
    Can be used with Internet Explorer ONLY, other browsers do not work. Please allow pop-ups, as this is necessary for proper display. Thomson ONE brings together company information from a variety of sources that are produced by Thomson Reuters. This includes company financials and filings, mergers and acquisition data and analyst reports. The following types of information are available: Company Overviews, Company News and Pricecharts, Corporate Governance (Takeover defense), Corporate financial fundamentals, Estimates (and earnings surprises), Debt overview, Company deals, Share ownership information, Company research (formerly Investext), Company financial filings, Officers and Directors.

    Investext Plus, once a stand-alone database, is now included in ThomsonOne. Check the menu on the left for the link to Research or Screening and Analysis.
    [Resource no longer available]

  • Value line investment survey (Online)
    The Value Line Investment Survey is a comprehensive source of information and advice on approximately 1,700 stocks, more than 90 industries, the stock market, and the economy. It has three parts: The Ratings & Reports section contains one-page reports showing Value Line's Timeliness, Safety, and Technical ranks, financial and stock price forecasts for the coming 3 to 5 years, an analyst's written commentary, and more. The Summary & Index contains an index of all stocks in the publication as well as many up-to-date statistics. It also contains a variety of stock "screens" designed to help investors identify companies with various characteristics. The Selection & Opinion section contains Value Line's latest economic and stock market forecasts, one-page write-ups about interesting and attractive stocks, model portfolios, and financial and stock market statistics.
    Also available in print in Wilson Library Reference, at: HG4501 .V262
    Older issues are available on microfiche in Wilson Library Reference at the class number shown above.
    • Location(s): TC Wilson Library Reference Quarto HG4501 .V262
    Check MNCAT Record for Location and Availability
  • MarketLine Reports Authentication Required
    Use Business Source Premier to find profiles of 5000 of the world's leading companies that includes major products and services, competitors, and analysis.
    Click on the Company Profiles button on the green bar at the top of the screen. Then type the company name in the search box.
  • NetAdvantage by S&P Global Authentication Required
    An online resource from Standard Poors that includes the Industry Surveys of trends and leading companies in 52 industries, the Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives which lists sales, products, other directory information for 55,000 public and private companies along with names of top executives, and the Stock Reports that contain key financial data for equity research on public companies including peer group analysis and performance ratings from Standard Poors.
    --Check out the Stock Reports for information on the stock's performance and investment potential.
  • ISI Emerging Markets
    Full-text business news, and company and financial information from emerging markets in Latin America, Asia and Europe. Includes corporate profiles, financial statements and earnings estimates, industry and analyst reports, capital market quotes and indices, macroeconomic statistics and forecasts, legal and regulatory information, and opinion polls from the following emerging markets: Baltic States (including Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic (including Slovakia), Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia (including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan), Turkey, Ukraine, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, China, India, South Korea and Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand). While many documents are in English, some are in their native language. Much of the financial and economic data is downloadable in a spreadsheet-ready format. Dates of coverage vary. News coverage extends back 5 years. Other documents are most recent only.
    [Resource no longer available]
  • Other sources that could be useful--
    • NetAdvantage
      Industry overviews, rankings and comparative statistics for major industries in the United States. Detailed information about public companies--annual reports, stock reports, bonds, valuation, and financial statistics. Includes the Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives for locating private and smaller companies.
      [Resource no longer available]
    • Passport (Euromonitor) Authentication Required
      Key business intelligence on countries, companies, markets, and consumers. Statistics on brands, companies and consumer products worldwide include market size and market share. Useful for researching global consumer markets with analysis of lifestyles for countries. Includes profiles and strategic information about companies that sell leading consumer goods.
    • Mintel Market Research Authentication Required
      Mintel reports provide market research on consumer products, services, and lifestyles to identify economic drivers, leading companies, market share, market size, trends, segmentation, and analysis of consumer attitudes and purchasing habits. The library subscription includes Mintel Trends to analyze consumer trends by sectors, demographics, themes and regions.
    • IBIS World Industry Reports Authentication Required
      Industry reports for the United States, Canada, China, and selected global topics. Each reports provide overviews, leading companies, sales information, and authoritative sources for researching hundreds of industries. Includes Business Environmental Profiles that summarize key drivers for industries in the U.S.

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