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Anthropology: Resources in the University of Minnesota Libraries

The field of Anthropology is covered in many collections throughout the University Libraries. This guide links you to some of the core bibliographies creasted to help you get started in your research, helping you locate some of the key reference works, databases and other sources in the field. For more assistance, ask someone at our reference services.

American Indian Studies: A Guide to Online Resources

Ancient and Classical Studies

Anthropological Approaches to Psychoanalytic Studies

Anthropology Databases & Key Web Sites

Anthropology: Major Reference Resources in the University of Minnesota Libraries

Anthropology of the Middle East

Anthropology: Open Access Repositories for Data & Research

Anthropology Through a Science Fiction Lens

Archaeology: Core Reference Resources

Archaeology & Origins of European Civilization

Biological Anthropology: A Selected List of Library Resources

Climate Change & Society: A Growing Conflict

Consumer Culture

Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Gender

Cultural/Social Anthropology: Selected Library Resources

Disability Studies: A Guide to Library Resources

Doing Local History in the Twin Cities

Effective Web Searching: Tips to Save You Time and Improve Your Web Searching Results
The Web can provide good information - or just waste your precious research time. This guide is intended to help you navigate the Web to effectively and efficiently get the information that you need.

Endangered Languages: A Guide to Online Resources

Environment: Social & Cultural Aspects - Key Reference Titles In the University Libraries

Environment: Social & Cultural Aspects - A Guide to Online Resources

Environmental Statistics Sources

Ethnography Resources

Ethnomusicology: A Guide to Library Research

EXPLORE! PRESENT! PUBLISH! - Research Opportunities for Undergrads in Sociology & Anthropology

Fake News - How to Get to the Bottom of the Story

Family and Kinship in America: A Guide to Resources in the University Libraries

Folklore & Mythology

Guide to Demographic Statistics

Hmong in America: A Guide for Library Research

Job & Career Resources for Anthropology Students in the University Libraries

Karen Peoples - From Burma to America: A Guide for Library Research

Linguistic Anthropology

Medical & Forensic Anthropology

Memorialization: Tributes & Honors in Our Culture

Photography as a Research Method

Population, Migration & Refugee Studies: A Guide to Core Reference Resources

Political Ethnography - A Guide to Library Resources

Race & Inequity in Minnesota: Black Lives Matter

Race & Inequity in Minnesota: Native Lives Matter

Religion and Theology: Basic Reference Sources

Roots Music in American Culture

Sacred Spaces: Anthropological Aspects of Sacred Landscapes and Monuments

Searching Online for Information on Contemporary Social Issues

Service Learning: A Guide to Library Resources

Social Indicators

Social Science Research Methods - A Guide to Key Reference Sources

Sociology Resources in the University Libraries

Studying Historic American Prisons

Studying Twin Cities Area Neighborhoods

Understanding the 2016 Elections - A Guide to Some Key Resources

Urban Sociology

Visual Anthropology: Selected Library Resources

Writing and Researching in the Social Sciences - A Guide to Resources in the University Libraries

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