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Asian American Studies
Table of Contents:

American Studies: University Libraries Resources

Art and Art History, Asian
This subject covers: the history of art, particularly in China, India, Japan and Korea. Wilson General Reference and the general circulating collection in Wilson Library cover art of China, Japan and Korea. For art of India, most print resources will be located in Ames Library of South Asia.

Art and Art History
This guide is a selected list of reference tools covering the visual arts, art history, aesthetics, photography, applied arts, and museum studies. Some of these reference tools will also be useful for research in architectural history, performing arts and stage and theater design. This guide includes both print and electronic resources.

Asian American Adoption: A Guide to Library Resources

Asian American Art & Literature: A Quick Guide to Core Literature

Asian American Studies
This general subject guide covers historical and contemporary perspectives on the Asian-American experience.

Asian American Studies & Eco-Cultural Production: Locating Primary Materials, Collections & Other Information

Asian American Artists: A Selected Listing of Key Resources
This extensive bibliography provides a good set of links to online and print resources for Asian American Studies research.

Asian American Representations in American Film and Culture - A Guide to Library Resources

Consumer Culture

East Asian History
This subject covers: history of East Asian countries, particularly Japan, China and Korea.

Asian Languages and Literatures
This subject covers: the languages and literatures of the countries of Asia

East Asian Studies
This subject covers: the culture and social life of the Chinese, the Taiwanese, the Miao and Yao, the Japanese, Koreans, Manchu, and Pai (or Min-chia).

EXPLORE! PRESENT! PUBLISH! - Research Opportunities for Undergrads in Sociology & Anthropology

Fake News - How to Get to the Bottom of the Story

Folklore & Mythology

History, Minnesota
This subject covers: the events happening within Minnesota and those that impacted the state as well. Primarily from the 17th century to the recent past.

History, United States
This subject covers: political, economic, social, industrial and cultural history of the United States. Other related topics are: Economics (general aspects); Political Science (general aspects); Politics, United States; and Sociology (general aspects).

Hmong in America: A Guide for Library Research

Karen Peoples - From Burma to America: A Guide for Library Research

Politics, United States
This subject covers: the study of American government and politics. See Also Legislation and Politics (General Aspects) on the previous page.

Popular Culture

Service Learning: A Guide to Library Resources

Sociology Resources in the University Libraries

South Asian Studies
This subject covers: the study of India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma/Myanmar, Tibet and Afghanistan.

Space and Place in American Studies - A Guide to Resources in the University Libraries

Theatre Arts
This subject covers: acting, directing, technical and design aspects of theatrical production; theatre criticism and history; dramatic literature.

Understanding the 2016 Elections - A Guide to Some Key Resources

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