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Contemporary Nordic Authors

This page is a list of the major contemporary literary authors from the five Nordic countries. Genres include novelists, essayists, poets, dramatists, and film writers. These authors and their works form the basis of the University of Minnesota Libraries' contemporary Scandinavian/Nordic literature collection.

Technical notes:

In the Libraries' catalogs and bibliographies, the special characters and modified letters in the Scandinavian languages interfile according to English alphabetical order:
å and ä with a; æ with ae; ø and ö with o, ð with d, and þ with th .

Following the indexes of authors, you will find links for

Identifying new critical literary works in MNCat;
Information on the Libraries' special collections in Scandinavian literatures;
Scandinavian web sites with literary information and writings; and
Links to other Libraries subject pages of interest.

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  • Engberg, Martin, 1974-
    Fiction (short stories)
  • Kepler, Lars
    Pseudonym for Alexander and Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril.
  • Linde, Ida
    Poetry (debut 2006)

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Dictionary of Literary Biography Complete Authentication Required
The DLB features literary biographies written by recognized literary scholars and critics. Entries feature profiles of past and present authors, historians, journalists, screenwriters, publishers, and playwrights.

  • Volumes on Nordic Authors:

    Twentieth-Century Danish Writers
    Wilson Library Reference Quarto PS21 .D55x v.214

    Danish writers from the Renaissance to Decadence, 1550-1900
    Wilson Library Reference PS 21.55x v.300

    Icelandic writers
    Wilson Library Reference Quarto PS21 .D55x v.293

    Norwegian writers, 1500-1900
    Wilson Library Reference Quarto PS21 .D55x v.354

    Twentieth-century Norwegian writers
    Wilson Library Reference Quarto PS21 .D55x v.297

    Twentieth-century Swedish writers after World War II
    Wilson Library Reference Quarto PS21 .D55x v.257

    Twentieth-century Swedish writers before World War II
    Location: Wilson Reference Quarto PS 21 .D55x v. 259

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Library Catalog Searches

  • New Books in Scandinavian Literatures
    The links below are in beta-testing. They are not ready for prime-time.
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Scandinavian Web sites

  • Augustpriset
    An annual literature prize awarded to a Swedish author by the Swedish Publishers' Association.
  • Dagbladet Forfattere
    An extensive database of modern Norwegian authors provided by Dagbladet, a Norwegian newspaper, with biographies, bibliographies, prize lists and links to more information.
  • Electric Verses
    A poetry anthology site of modern Finnish and Finland-Swedish poets maintained by the Finnish Literature and Culture association with support from FILI, the Finnish Literature Information Center and the Ministry of Education.
  • Finlandia Prize
    Awarded annually since 1984 by the Finnish Book Foundation, founded by the Ministry of Education and the Finnish Publisher's Association, to a Finnish book of fiction.
  • Författarcentrum Norr, Syd, Väst, Öst
    A Swedish writers' center in four regions, east, west, north and south with 700 author members with the aim of integrating literature into society at many levels. The web site includes author presentations.
  • Icelandic Authors
    A comprehensive list of current Icelandic authors with biographies, bibliographies, and reviews. Created and maintained by Reykjavik City Library since 2001.
  • Kiiltomato
    An online cultural journal of literary criticism with reviews of Finnish, Nordic, and other European literature.
  • Lapin kirjailijat
    A database of Sami and Lapland authors in Finland, created by the Rovaniemi City Library.
  • Literature Net
    A database of Danish authors published by Danish Literature Center since 1997 with public funding. Besides presentations, it includes reviews from journals, and excerpts of their work.
  • Litteratursiden
    A comprehensive, current database of contemporary Danish authors, maintained by sixty libraries. Biographies, bibliographies, prize lists and other information included for each author.
  • Modern Finnish Writers
    "The database includes the authors' personal details and introduces their work. The sources selected for further reading are mainly web-based, but there are references to other documents as well. Some texts on these web pages have been especially written for the database by the authors. The English pages are not identical to the Finnish and Swedish ones, as they mainly focus on authors whose work has been translated into English [or Swedish]."
  • Nordic Council Literature Prize
    Founded by the five Nordic governments, the prestigious literary prize has been awarded by the Nordic Council annually since 1962 to a Nordic literary book. Since 1984 books from Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and the Sami language area have been nominated in their own categories. The multilingual web site presents the prizewinners and the nominations for each year.
  • Nordic Literature
    WILS Quarto PT7001.N67 2005. An annual published by NORDBOK under the Nordic Council of Ministers with editors from all the Nordic countries, it is available both in print and online. Interviews with authors, reviews of recent publications, and articles on current Nordic literature, including Sami, Greenland and Faroe Islands literature.
  • Project Runeberg
    Maintained at Linköping University in Sweden, a continuously updated database of 27,000 authors to date from Sweden and all Nordic countries. Includes reviews of literature, and free electronic editions of classic Nordic literature.
  • Sanojen aika
    An extensive database of contemporary Finnish authors with biographies, bibliographies, and excerpts of their work, compiled by the City Library of Helsinki.
  • Scandinavian Review
    TC Wilson Periodicals. A quarterly published by the Scandinavian-American Foundation since 1910 with reviews of Nordic literature.
  • Swedish Book Review
    Published in English by the Swedish-English Literary Translators' Association, Lampeter, Wales.
    Appears twice yearly. Also, a supplement devoted to one author or special topic is published annually in addition to the two issues.
    Preceded by Swedish Books (Göteborg, 1979-1982), located in Wilson Annex (sub-basement).
    Check MNCAT Record for Location and Availability
  • Writers' Web
    An international database of authors by the Norwegian Authors' Union (, Playwrights' Association, and Writers' Center with emphasis on Nordic writers.

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