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Browse the geologic map collection at Walter with these finding aids and diagram (right):
Geologic Survey Maps by State (US)
Geologic Survey Maps by Country
USGS Government Series Maps and Reports

Topographic: Download free digital Topo maps by launching the USGS Map Locator at

Table of Contents:

Geologic Maps
    • MGS Maps and GIS Data Downloads
      All MGS maps and reports have been scanned an uploaded into the University Digital Conservancy and are available as pdf download (some GIS files are available for recent maps)
Topographic Maps
  • USGS Topographic Maps (Print)
    Walter library holds the latest print edition of US topographic 7.5-minute (1:24,000 scale) maps. Search the index online (or in print) to locate the quadrangle you need.
    • Historic Topographic Maps
      For additional scales including 1:50,000, 1:125,000, 1:250,000 and historic topographic maps, visit the Borchert Map Library.
  • USGS National Elevation Dataset
    View various layers of data from all over the US, creating informative and useful maps, which can be printed or ordered in CD format
  • Microsoft TerraServer
    Resulting from cooperative research by the USGS and Microsoft Corporation, the TerraServer provides free online access to USGS digital aerial photographs, known as digital orthophoto quadrangles, and to digital topographic maps, known as digital raster graphics.
Scientific Miscellaneous Maps
  • Google Sky
    The web-based version of Google Sky first available through Google Earth. Also includes links to Google Moon and Google Mars.
  • Paleomap
    Paleogeographic maps of ancient mountain ranges and shorelines, active plate boundaries, etc
GIS Tools and Data
Software and assistance for GIS related tools on campus can be found at the Automated Cartographic Information Center (ACIC), a GIS lab in Borchert Map Library.
  • GeoCommons
    Search and share open source GIS data.