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  • Beethoven's Anvil: Music in Mind and Culture
    "Beethoven's Anvil takes us inside modern and ancient performances and rituals to show how the musical linking of brains explains things we commonly (and not-so-commonly) experience. Benzon shows us a rehearsal where mysterious tones that no one is playing seem to emerge from the ceiling, but only when the musicians feel they are in a groove. Everyone present hears these tones - but are they an acoustic phenomenon or a mental one? He explores how Leonard Bernstein knew he'd given a good performance when, after it was over, he felt he hadn't just performed a piece but written it; and how performers as different as Earl "Fatha" Hines and Vladimir Horowitz felt they stopped being human onstage but became something like racehorses. Benzon uses remarkable insights from brain science and anthropology to investigate musical styles ranging from Gregorian chant to hip-hop; discovers a children's song in a Louis Armstrong solo and finds that it may date to before the Crusades; explains rock music's merging of African and European musical forms in evolutionary terms; and reveals the similarity between decision-making in a baboon troop and the final movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony." "Beethoven's Anvil is a book about a profound influence shaping human minds and cultures. Both daring and impeccably scholarly, it offers a sweeping new vision of a vital, familiar and yet poorly understood force in our lives."--BOOK JACKET.
    • Location(s): TC Music Library General Collection ML3830 .B35 2001
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  • Cultures of Popular Music
    "In this text, Andy Bennett presents a comprehensive cultural, social and historical overview of post-war popular music genres, from rock 'n' roll and psychedelic pop, through punk and heavy metal, to rap, rave and techno. Providing a chapter by chapter account, Bennett also examines the style-based youth cultures to which such genres have given rise. Drawing on key research in sociology, media studies and cultural studies, the book considers the cultural significance of respective post-war popular music genres for young audiences, with reference to issues such as space and place, ethnicity, gender, creativity, education and leisure. A key feature of the book is its departure from conventional Anglo-American perspectives. In addition to British and US examples, the book refers to studies conducted in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, Russia and Hungary, presenting the cultural relationship between youth culture and popular music as a truly global phenomenon."--BOOK JACKET.
    • Location(s): TC Music Library General Collection ML3470 .B448 2001
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  • "Music"
    see entry entitled "Music II: The concept in a variety of cultures" in Grove Music Online and the New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians; print edition in TC Music Library Reference Collection Quarto ML100 .N48 2000 [entry in Vol. 17, pp. 425-437]
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  • Reading The Beatles: Cultural Studies, Literary Criticism, and the Fab Four
    "Speaking words of wisdom" : the Beatles' poetics. "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together" : Bakhtin and the Beatles / Ian Marshall ; From "craft" to "art" : formal structure in the music of the Beatles / John Covach ; "Love, love, love" : representations of gender and sexuality in selected songs by the Beatles / Sheila Whiteley ; Painting their room in a colorful way : the Beatles' exploration of timbre / Walter Everett -- "A splendid time is guaranteed for all" : theorizing the Beatles. Mythology, remythology, and demythology : the Beatles on film / Kenneth Womack and Todd F. Davis ; Vacio luminoso : "Tomorrow never knows" and the coherence of the impossible / Russell Reising ; The spectacle of alienation : death, loss, and the crowd in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / William M. Northcutt ; We all want to change the world : postmodern politics and the Beatles' White album / Jeffrey Roessner -- "We can work it out" : the Beatles and culture. "The rest of you, if you'll just rattle your jewelry" : the Beatles and questions of mass and high culture / Paul Gleed ; A universal childhood : tourism, pilgrimage, and the Beatles / Kevin McCarron ; "Baby, you're a rich man" : the Beatles, ideology, and the cultural moment / James M. Decker ; Spinning the historical record : Lennon, McCartney, and museum politics / John Kimsey -- Afterword : I want to hold your hand / Jane Tompkins.
    • Location(s): TC Music Library General Collection ML421.B4 R43 2006
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  • Representing Black Music Culture: Then, Now, and When Again?
    Book Description: In this collection of essays, interviews, and profiles, William Banfield reflects on his life as a musician and educator, as he weaves together pieces of cultural criticism and artistry, all the while paying homage to Black music of the last 40 years and beyond. In Representing Black Music Culture: Then, Now, and When Again?, Banfield honors the legacy of artists who have graced us with their work for more than half a century. The essays and interviews in this collection are enhanced by seven years of daily diary entries, which reflect on some of the country's most respected Black composers, recording artists, authors, and cultural icons. These include Ornette Coleman, Bobby McFerrin, Toni Morrison, Amiri Baraka, Gordon Parks, the Marsalis brothers, Spike Lee, Maya Angelou, Patrice Rushen, and many others. Though many of the individuals Banfield lauds are well-known to most readers, he also turns his attention to musicians and artists whose work, while perhaps unheralded by the world at large, are no less deserving of praise and respect for their contributions to the culture. In addition, this volume is filled with candid photographs of many of these fellow artists as they participate in expressive culture, whether on stage, on tour, in clubs, behind the scenes, in rehearsal, or even during meals and teaching class. This unique book of essays, interviews, diary entries, and Banfield's personal photographs will be of interest to scholars and students, of course, but also to general readers interested in absorbing and appreciating the beauty of Black culture.
    • Location(s): TC Music Library General Collection ML410.B2084 A3 2011
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  • The Oxford Handbook of the New Cultural History of Music
    This volume demonstrates a new approach to cultural history, as it now being practiced by both historians and musicologists, in their quest to grasp the realms of human experience understanding, communication and meaning through the study of music and of musical practices.
    • Location(s): TC Music Library General Collection ML55 .O97 2011
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