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Style Manuals in Wilson Reference

Style manuals provide the basic information necessary for documentation and style in scholarly writing. The following is a selected list of style manuals available in Wilson Reference, along with some recommended online links. Copies and other editions of many of these sources are also available in other University of Minnesota libraries; check MNCAT for details. Standard style manuals, including several on this list, are also available for purchase at the University Bookstores.

Chicago Manual of Style. 15th ed.
The standard work and most comprehensive of the style manuals. Presents both the Chicago style and the Harvard or scientific style.
Location: : Wilson Reference (Desk) Z253 .U69 2003

*MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. Modern Language Association of America. 7th ed.
A major style manual often recommended for undergraduates in the humanities. Includes a detailed index and many examples. Also covers non-print media, CD-ROMs, electronic texts, and e-mail.
Location: : Wilson Reference (Desk) LB2369 .G53 2009

*A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. Kate L Turabian. 6th ed.
Designed for research papers and dissertations rather than professional publication. This edition introduces a chapter on parenthetical references and reference lists. Enhances the Chicago Manual of Style format with many clarifying examples.
Location: : Wilson Reference LB2369 .T8 1996

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. American Psychological Association. 6th ed.
One of the major style manuals for North America. Not only essential for students of psychology but often recommended for use in other social science disciplines.
Location: : Wilson Reference (Desk) BF76.7 .P82 2010

Style Manual/University of Minnesota. Sharon Grimes. 3rd ed.
Recommended for use in production of official University of Minnesota publications.
Location: : Wilson Reference (Desk) Z253 .S92x 2002

Please Note:
* Recommended for undergraduate students

Social Sciences
  • ASA Style Guide. American Sociological Association, 3rd ed.
    Location: : Wilson Reference HM73 .A54x 2007
  • Essay Writing and Style Guide for Politics and the Social Sciences. David W. Lovell and Rhonda D. Moore.
    Location: : Wilson Reference JA74 .L68x 1992
  • * A Short Guide to Writing About Social Science. Lee J. Cuba, 4th ed.
    A practical guide which includes information and samples of abstracts, annotations, literature reviews, and book reviews.
    Location: : Wilson H91 .C78 2002
  • Style Manual for Political Science. American Political Science Association. Rev. ed.
    A brief manual designed for journal publications.
    Location: : Wilson Reference JA86 .A49 2001
  • See also Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association .
Web Resources Government Publications, Maps, Nonprint and Electronic Formats

Cartographic Citations: A Style Guide. Suzanne M. Clark.
Location: : Wilson Reference GA108.7 .C55x 1992

Chicago Guide to Preparing Electronic Manuscripts: For Authors and Publishers.
Location: : Wilson Reference Z286 .E43 C48 1986

The Complete Guide to Citing Government Information Resources: A Manual for Writers and Librarians. Diane L. Garner. Rev. ed.
Clarifies citation format for U.S., state, local, regional and international documents. Last chapter covers citations to electronic resources.
Location: : Wilson Reference J9.5 .G374x 1993

Electronic Styles: A Handbook for Citing Electronic Information. Xia Li and Nancy B. Crane. 2nd ed.
Location: : Wilson Reference PN171 .F56 L5 1996

Where Credit is Due: A Guide to Proper Citing of Sources, Print and Nonprint. Nancy E. Shields, 2nd ed.
Location: : Wilson Reference PN171 .F56 S35 1997

Other Recommended Sources:
  • Bibliographic Style Manual. Danielle Thibault. National Library of Canada.
    Location: : Wilson Reference Z1001 .T4413x 1990
  • Complete Manuscript Preparation Style Guide. Carolyn J. Mullins.
    Location: : Wilson Reference quarto PN160 .M8 1982
  • A Handbook for Scholars. Mary-Claire Van Leunen. Rev. ed.
    Location: : Wilson Reference PN146 .V36 1992
  • A Short Guide to Writing About Art. Sylvan Barnet. 9th ed.
    Location: : Wilson Reference N7476 .B37 2008
  • A Short Guide to Writing About History. Richard Marius. 6th ed.
    Location: : Wilson Reference D13 .M294 2007
  • A Short Guide to Writing About Literature. Sylvan Barnet. 11th ed.
    Location: : Wilson Reference PE1479 .C7 B3 2009
  • A Short Guide to Writing About Psychology. Dana S. Dunn.
    Location: Wilson Reference BF76.8 .D86 2008

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