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The ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) database is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education to provide access to educational-related journal and non-journal literature going back to 1966. ERIC provides full citations and abstracts for journal articles, books, conferences, curricula, government documents, dissertations, reports, audiovisual media, bibliographies, and other educational materials. ERIC combines citations from two separate indexes, one to non-journal publications (ED numbers) and the other to journal articles (EJ numbers.) The Libraries make this database available through two different interfaces. Full text of many journals and documents is available online; many more may be found in the library collections.

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Connections to ERIC Database
  • ERIC (Access via ProQuest)
    This version offers linkage to U Libraries e-journal articles for U of M TC Library users. Use the FindIt Button button (which appears in individual records) to find out if we have access to the full text online, or the journal issue containing the article.
  • ERIC (Access via U.S. Dept. of Ed.)
    This version is freely available to anyone, and indexes more than 1.2 million items published 1966-present, including many in full-text. This version does not link to journal articles or holdings and citations cannot be exported.
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ERIC documents with "ED" Numbers (e.g., ED433876)

  • ERIC documents were originally indexed in the publication Research in Education, later titled Resources in Education (RIE).

  • ERIC Documents on Microfiche

    The ERIC Documents on Microfiche collection is in the Government Publications Library in the basement of Wilson Library.

    The ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS) reproduced most ED documents on microfiche and sold collections to many libraries. The collections are often referred to as the ERIC Fiche.
    Microfiche (Mfiche) is a flat sheet of film, usually 4 x 6 inches in size, containing rows of microimages of pages or other images, with an eye legible title. Microfiche may be viewed, printed or scanned using microfiche reader/printers in the Libraries.
    The ERIC microfiche collection was published from 1966 to July 2004; it begins with ED000001 and ceased with ED483046. No more ERIC fiche is being produced.

    While most publications indexed in ERIC are available on microfiche, there are a few for which copyright permission could not be obtained. These will have a notation "Document not available from EDRS" in the document resume, and may show a Level 3 in the full citation.

    The Libraries catalog, MNCAT, does not include records for individual ERIC collection documents; however, some may also be in the libraries in paper, and these will be found in MNCAT.

    Journal articles indexed in ERIC (with EJ numbers) are not included in the ERIC Fiche.
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ERIC journal articles with "EJ" Numbers (e.g., EJ671653)

  • EJ Numbers designate abstracts of articles from over 800 education/education-related journals.

  • ERIC Journal (EJ) citations were originally indexed in the publication Current Index to Journals in Education (see entry below).

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Related Collections
  • ERIC Documents with ES, EP and MP Numbers (e.g., ES010949 and EP011253)

    • From 1966 - 1967 are fiche with ES, EP and MP numbers. These preceded the ED numbers and are filed in the ERIC cabinets at the very beginning before the ED numbers.

    • They are indexed in the print indexes listed below.
    • Manpower research: Inventory for Fiscal Years 1966 and 1967
      Indexes research projects about manpower by subject, institution, report number, report resume, investigator, sponsoring agency and contract and grant numbers.
      Finds MP numbers.
      • Location(s): Wilson Library Gov Pub (US Ref Indexes) FS 5.212:12036 Non-Circulating
  • ED 1.310/2:___ numbers (e.g., ED 1.310/2:433876)

    • From 1981 through October 2002, federally funded ERIC reports (a subset of ERIC documents) were also distributed through the Federal Depository Library Program in microfiche and given the classification number ED 1.310/2:[ED number].

    • The depository fiche are located in the Government Publications Library in WIlson Library, and also in Magrath Library.

    • In October 2002, the U.S. Department of Education began providing the Government Printing Office (GPO) with electronic versions of the reports. These reports are now searchable from GPO Access - See the entry below.

    • Note: Individual records for U.S. depository fiche do appear in MNCAT.

    • Education Reports from ERIC
      In October 2002, the U.S. Department of Education discontinued distribution of microfiche of government-funded reports from the ERIC program to the Federal Depository Library Program and began providing the Government Printing Office (GPO) with electronic versions of the reports. These reports are now available as searchable PDF files, beginning with ED 463411.

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