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Consumer Resources & Agencies Web Links
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Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureaus are private non-profit organizations supported largely by membership dues paid by business and professional groups in each Bureaus' service area. They provide reports on business firms that will be helpful to you before making a purchase; provide information about charity groups and organizations; resolve consumers' disputes with businesses through telephone conciliation, mediation and arbitration; and promote ethical business standards and voluntary self-regulation of business practices. (From their web site.)

Consumer Affairs
There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of agencies and organizations that try to help consumers avoid trouble and, if that doesn't work, resolve problems. Here's a look at some of the resources in the larger states, and a brief list of federal agencies and national consumer organizations.
ConsumerREVIEW is the leading source of trusted buying advice for enthusiast sporting goods and consumer electronics. (From their web site.)

Consumer World
Consumer World is a public service, noncommercial guide cataloging over 2,000 of the most useful consumer resources. (From their web site.)
Epinions helps people make informed buying decisions. It is the source for unbiased advice, personalized recommendations, and comparative shopping. Epinions covers over 2 million products and services in over 30 different categories. In addition to detailed product reviews, you can read buying guides (From their web site.)

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