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Sociology of Work

The Sociology of Work considers issues relating to political issues and underlying social mechanisms relating to the dynamics of industrial society and the organization of work; various aspects of social relations at the workplace; how different categories of workers respond to the organization of work; and the interconnections between these areas. This guide is intended to help you identify some of the core literature in this area to help you with your research.

Table of Contents:

Handbooks & Guides to the Field
  • Handbook of Organizational Culture & Climate
    Neal M. Ashkanasy, Celeste P. M. Wilderom, Mark F. Peterson, editors. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2000. Composed of five parts: basic concepts of culture and climate; issues in measurement and assessment of culture and climate; contributions of culture and climate to processes of change; human resource aspects of organizational life, including commitment, attachment, socialization, and careers; and an overview on organizational culture in Japanese, Chinese, European, and American settings.
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  • Human Resource Management and Development : Current Issues
    By John Kempton. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1995.
    • Location(s): WILSON HF5549 .K42 1995
  • Sage Research Methods Online
    SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO) is a tool designed to help you create research projects and understand the methods behind them. SRMO's new taxonomy of over 1,400 unique methods terms links to authoritative content, including: Over 600 books; Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks; The entire "Little Green Book" and "Little Blue Book" series; Two major works collating a selection of journal articles; a small selection of video tutorials and video definitions pertaining to a specific research method chosen by the editors.
  • 21st Century Sociology: A Reference Handbook
    Edited by Clifton D. Bryant & Dennis L. Peck. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE, 2006. Considered "the most comprehensive overview of modern sociology," this two-volume guide focuses "on the corpus of knowledge garnered in traditional areas of sociological inquiry, as well as document the general orientation of the newer and currently emerging areas of sociological inquiry." Available online for full-text searching.
  • Work and Family Handbook: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives and Approaches
    Edited by Ellen Ernst Kossek, Stephen Sweet, & Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 2005. "The Work and Family Handbook is a comprehensive edited volume, which reviews a wide range of disciplinary perspectives across the social sciences on the study of work-family relationships, theory, and methods. The changing demographics of the labor force has resulted in an expanded awareness and understanding of the intricate relations between work and family dimensions in people's lives. For the first time, the efforts of scholars working in multiple disciplines are organized together to provide a comprehensive overview of the perspectives and methods that have been applied to the study of work and family."
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Dictionaries & Encyclopedia
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
    Reference titles from various publishers in many subjects, including art, biography, business, cultural studies, education, the environment, history, religion, science, and social science.
  • Sage Knowledge
    An important, critical series of encyclopedias published by Sage and covering a wide range of subjects in the social sciences. Available for full-text searching and reading online.
Key Scholarly Databases
  • America: History and Life
    This index provides historical coverage of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present with over 2,000 journals including all key English-language historical journals.
  • Annual Reviews
    Annual Reviews, Inc., publishes scholarly reviews of key trends, theories, methods and discoveries in various disciplines, including: Anthropology, Cell & Developmental Biology, Ecology & Systematics, Energy & the Environment, Entomology, Genetics, Medicine, Public Health, Sociology and Psychology. Annual reviews are critical research tools for accessing primary research. Articles in the Annual Review series are authoritative, comprehensive, and offer carefully chosen bibliographies of core literature. If you find an article on your topic, it will point you to the relevant primary literature recently published.
  • AnthroSource
    Current and archival journals from the American Anthropological Association (AAA). Current coverage includes 15 of the AAA's most critical peer-reviewed publications; including American Anthropologist, American Ethnologist, Anthropology and Education Quarterly, and Medical Anthropology Quarterly. The archive includes all AAA journals.
  • Business Source Premier Enhanced
    This resource is licensed by the MINITEX Library Information Network with state appropriations from the Minnesota Higher Education Services Office (MHESO) and the Minnesota Department of Education.
    This version of Business Source Premier provides makes it easy to find articles along with other specialized reports. These inlcude company profiles and industry reports from Datamonitor, country profiles from research advisory services such as the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) and market research from various trade publications. A good resource for business and economic topics and global studies.
  • EconLit
    Contains bibliographic citations and selected abstracts to the professional and scholarly literature in the field of economics and allied disciplines, including journals, books, chapters in books, conference proceedings and dissertations.
  • GenderWatch
    GenderWatch is a full text database of unique and diverse publications that focus on how gender impacts a broad spectrum of subject areas.
  • Historical Abstracts
    Covers the world's scholarship in history from 1450 to the present.
  • PAIS Index
    Since its establishment in 1914, PAIS (Public Affairs Information Service) has chronicled issues in the public debate through highly selective coverage of a wide variety of sources, including references to monographs, periodical articles, notes and announcements, government documents, policy reports and analytics. Addition of the Archive to our current PAIS International database extends comprehensive access to public and social policy information.
    • PAIS Int'l
      Since its establishment in 1914, PAIS (Public Affairs Information Service) has chronicled issues in the public debate through highly selective coverage of a wide variety of sources, including references to monographs, periodical articles, notes and announcements, government documents, policy reports and analytics. Addition of the Archive to our current PAIS International database extends comprehensive access to public and social policy information.
  • Social Services Abstracts
    CSA Social Services Abstracts provides bibliographic coverage of current research focused on social work, human services, and related areas, including social welfare, social policy, and community development. The database abstracts and indexes over 1,600 serials publications and includes abstracts of journal articles and dissertations, and citations to book reviews.
  • Sociological Abstracts
    This core database for the field of sociology contains information on sociology and social policy worldwide. Sociological Abstracts includes citations from the 1952-present.
  • Women's Studies International
    International coverage of feminist writings. A compilation of ten databases covering journal articles, books, anthology chapters, and reports.
  • Worldwide Political Science Abstracts
    CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts is building on the merged backfiles of Political Science Abstracts, published by IFI / Plenum, 1975-2000, and ABC POL SCI, published by ABC-CLIO, 1984-2000. The database provides citations, abstracts, and indexing of the international serials literature in political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, and public administration & public policy.
Key Governmental & Legal Databases
  • AccessUN (United Nations)
    AccessUN provides access to bibliographic citations of current and retrospective United Nations documents and publications including:
    • the UN collections of the Government Publications Library
    • articles appearing in UN periodicals
    • the bilateral and multilateral treaties in the UN Treaty Series
    • full text documents from the:
      • General Assembly - resolutions from 1981-
      • Security Council - resolutions from 1974-
      • Economic and Social Council - resolutions from 1982-
  • Hein Online
    Full-text legal periodicals database with browse and full-text search features. Includes coverage of many older legal periodicals not available in electronic format elsewhere.
  • Congressional Publications & Executive Branch Documents
    Congressional Publications & Executive Branch Documents provides access to full-text, indexing, and abstracts of published and unpublished Hearings, Congressional Committee Prints, and Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports. The full list of searchable congressional publications and date coverages includes:
    • Legislative Histories 1969-Present
    • Bills & Laws 1789-Present
    • Committee Prints & Misc. Publications 1789-Present
    • Congressional Record Bound Edition & Predecessors 1789-Present
    • Congressional Record Daily Edition 1985-Present
    • CRS Reports 1916-Present
    • Hearings 1824-Present
    • House & Senate Documents 1789-Present
    • House & Senate Reports 1789-Present
    • Serial Set 1789-Present
    • Executive Branch Documents 1789-1945
News & Other Relevant Databases
  • Annual Reviews
    This database offers full-text searching of all of the annual reviews published by Annual Reviews, Inc., including the fields of sociology, anthropology, public health, law & society and political science. Review articles are available full-text in the database.
  • CQ Researcher
    Designed as a starting place for research, 48 reports per year provide background on current topics of widespread interest. The reports define the issues and include a chronology and extensive bibliographies.
  • Digital Dissertations
    Dissertations and theses from over 1000 universities. Doctoral dissertations are indexed for almost all North American graduate schools and many European universities. Masters theses from selected schools only. Provides bibliographic citations for older titles. Abstracts are included for dissertations since 1980 and for masters theses since 1988. Some dissertations, beginning with 1997 publication dates, are available digitally. These include the University of Minnesota and other CIC member universities.
  • Factiva
    Full text articles and transcripts from news sources, business magazines, and websites with international and foreign language coverage. Includes daily newspapers, television transcripts, newswires, and all editions of the Wall Street Journal. Financial information for publicly traded companies, stocks, funds, currencies, and common market indexes. Limited to 7 simultaneous users.
  • ProQuest Global Newsstream
    This resource is licensed by the MINITEX Library Information Network with state appropriations from the Minnesota Higher Education Services Office (MHESO) and the Minnesota Department of Education.
    ProQuest Newsstand provides indexing and abstracting for 150 full-text titles, plus another 200 regional news sources. Full-text titles include The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Barron's, The Boston Globe, The Christian, Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, USA TODAY, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and other newspapers of record.
  • ProQuest Statistical Insight
    Index to statistical publications from US and state government agencies, international intergovernmental organizations, professional and trade organizations, business organizations, commercial publishers, independent research organizations, and universities.
  • Sage Stats - Local Stats
    Local Stats provides comparable data across all 50 states from U.S. counties, cities, and metropolitan statistical areas across a broad variety of topics that include economy, education, crime, government finance, health, population, religion, social welfare, and transportation.
  • Web of Science
    Search within a comprehensive interdisciplinary collection of journal article citations. Subjects generally covered are within Science and technology, arts and humanities, and social sciences . Use the citation web to find articles and journals with the most impact. Coverage runs from 1975 to the present. Find help on their website.
Key Web Sites
  • American FactFinder (GovPub)
    This is a data distribution system from the Bureau of the Census that will be the primary distribution locale for 2000 Census data. American FactFinder offers the capability to browse, search, and map data from many Census Bureau sources: the 1990 Census, the 1997 Economic Census, the American Community Survey, and other sources.
  • American Sociological Association - Labor and Labor Movements Section
    "The Labor and Labor Movements Section was conceived of as a means that once again offers sociologists and other scholars an opportunity to engage in an exchange on a compelling set of issues which have a distinguished tradition as well as real and important social relevance. The primary purpose of the Labor and Labor Movements Section is similar to that we believe has motivated the formation of unions and other scholarly bodies: To provide a concerted voice against a prevailing elite culture which denigrates and suppresses the lives and voices of labor." The site includes an excellent searchable or browsable set of links.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
    On this site you can view statistical tables, extract statistics and read reports covering the methodology and meaning of the data collected by the Bureau of Labor.
  • Economic Sociology (Sociosite)
    An excellent set of links to organizations, research centers, data, reports and other web sites related to the field of economic sociology.
  • Social Science Research Council
    "The SSRC was founded in 1923 and remains an independent, non-profit organization. It has projects on every continent and brings together researchers, practitioners, and policymakers throughout the world. Council activities encourage innovation, build research capacity, and help social scientists engage broader constituencies." The site includes research reports and links.
  • Society Pages
    An excellent set of links, blogs and other useful information related to sociology, politics and society. Created and maintained by University of Minnesota Sociology professors Doug Hartmann and Chris Uggen, this is an excellent place to learn how the principles, ideas and research in the field relate to our lives and help explain and understanding the world around us.
  • SocioLog
    This Internet guide to sociology links to a wide assortment of related topics, including: university departments, research institutes, and other organizations; journals; mailing lists; and sites on individual sociologists.
  • Sociological Associations
    An excellent set of links from the American Sociological Association.
  • Sociology of Labor (Sociosite)
    An excellent set of links to organizations, data, government information, research and other web sites on this topic.
  • SocioNews
    An effort to sift through daily news reports and wire services to find news of relevance to sociologists or the field of sociology.
  • SocioSite
    This University of Amsterdam web site provides information and links in all aspects of sociology. Sites indexed include excerpts of publications by famous sociologists, several full-text electronic journals, and tables of contents and article abstracts for many journals.
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States
    The Statistical Abstract of the United States, published since 1878, is the authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. Use the Abstract as a convenient volume for statistical reference, and as a guide to sources of more information both in print and on the Web. Sources of data include the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and many other Federal agencies and private organizations. The online version has full text from 1995-, although the series as a whole starts in 1878.
    • Check MNCAT Record for Location and Availability
  • Women Working, 1800 - 1930
    Women Working, 1800 - 1930 provides access to digitized historical, manuscript, and image resources selected from Harvard's library and museum collections. This collection explores women's roles in the US economy between the turn of the 19th century and the Great Depression. Working conditions, conditions in the home, costs of living, recreation, health and hygiene, conduct of life, policies and regulations governing the workplace, and social issues are all well documented.
  • Working-Class History of the United States
    A part of the World History Archives, this site provides links to web sites in different categories of potential interest, such as: Women, Blacks, Chicanos, migrant, immigrant,blue collar and convict labor in the U.S., unionism and other topics.
  • World Income Inequality Database
    From the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research, this June 2005 database "collects and stores information on income inequality for developed, developing, and transition countries. The database and its documentation are available on this website." The database is availale for downloading as a zip file. Because "there is no agreed basis of definition for the construction of income/consumption distribution data....several sources report estimates based on different surveys, income/consumption concepts, population concepts, weighting procedures etc. Our task is only to report these estimates, to try to give as a precise documentation as possible and to evaluate the quality of the estimates." The site also links to other international sources of economic data.
  • WWW Virtual Library Labour History
    Maintained by the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, this site provides an excellent set of links to sites on a wide range of international issues and topics.
More Guides to Help You Find the Information You Need
  • Economics
    [Page no longer available]
  • Family Social Science
    This subject covers: the enhancement of family functioning in diverse family settings through the generation and application of knowledge from the social sciences that will contribute to increased understanding of families in a changing world.
  • Industrial Relations Overview of the U.S. (Cornell University)
    This excellent set of links from the Catherwood Library at Cornell covers "key links for a quick overview of issues, data and developments in U.S. industrial relations." Be sure to check any titles in MNCAT to see if and where we might hold materials.
  • Labor Unions: United States
    An excellent, thorough set of links from the INstitute of Industrial Relations Library at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • Public Affairs
    Public policy, management and organization issues, public law and regulation.
  • Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
    This subject covers: the intellectual and research component of the women's movement for equal rights. "Women's studies aims to transform all areas of education including curriculum, research, writing and teaching, and to prepare women to change society. It argues that a systematic consideration of gender is a fundamental condition of any adequate analysis or knowledge of contemporary society." -- p. 30, The Dictionary of Feminist Theory, 1995, Maggie Humm.

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