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Sacred Texts: Print and online content

Note: to search for books, articles, and background information about sacred texts, consult the Religious Studies subject page. Stay on this page for access to text content of various sacred texts.

Background Information
  • Religious Studies
    This subject covers: the spiritual history and practices of human beings from mythological times to the present. Other related subjects are Philosophy, and Middle East Studies.
    • Ancient Near East
      The subject covers the languages, literature, history, and material culture of the Ancient Near East.
    • Jewish Studies
      Study of Jewish culture, history, literature, languages and religion.
    • Middle East Studies
      This subject covers: the study the people, cultures, religion, etc. of: Algeria; Bahrain; Egypt; Iran; Iraq; Israel; Jordan; Kuwait; Lebanon; Libya; Mauritania; Morocco; Oman; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Sudan; Syria; Tunisia; Turkey; United Arab Emirates and Yemen.
    • Philosophy
      This subject covers: aesthetics, epistemology, logic, ethics, history of philosophy, moral and political philosophy, philosophy of logic and mathematics, philosophy of mind and psychology, philosophy of science.
Collections of Texts
  • Sacred Texts: Sacred Books of the East (electronic)
    electronic text conversion in process - The Sacred Books of the East (SBE) series, comprising fifty volumes, was issued by the Oxford University Press between 1879 and 1910. It has translations of key sacred texts of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, and Islam. The series was edited by the famous linguist Max Müller, who also produced many of the translations. The SBE has been designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as part of the UNESCO Collection of Representative Works.
  • Sacred Texts: Buddhism
    Internet Sacred Text Archive: section on Buddhism
  • Bible and Reference Sources about the Bible
    Print and online versions of the Bible, reference sources about the Bible, and precise MNCAT search strategies to find the exact records for Bible versions and related resources.
  • Bible--various versions
    Wilson stacks and Wilson Reference: call number range: BS185 - BS195
  • Various concordances to the Bible
    Wilson Reference BS425
  • New Interpreter's Bible, The
    12 volumes
    • Location(s): WILSON Reference Quarto BS491.2 .N484 1994
  • Medieval Manuscript Leaves at U of M Rare Books
    PRIMARY SOURCES: illustrated list of items in Andersen Library includes pages from Book of Hours, other liturgical sources, and pages of the Bible. Use control-F keystroke combination to search for and locate keywords in listings, e.g., "Bible leaf".
DEAD SEA SCROLLS (Judaism & Christianity)
  • Digital Dead Sea Scrolls
    High-resolution images of the scrolls, plus short explanatory videos and background information on the texts and their history. Five complete scrolls from the Israel Museum have been digitized for the project at this stage and are now accessible online." Language of the Scrolls: Hebrew is the most common language, though a small number of scrolls are written in Aramaic, and a few in Greek. The most common script is the Jewish script, also called the "Assyrian" or "square" script, which was widely used from the sixth century BCE on. However, about 14 biblical scrolls are written in the ancient Hebrew script, and many texts use a cryptographic script, combining mirror writing and a mixture of Jewish, ancient Hebrew, and Greek scripts. Description and commentary are in English.
  • Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls Bibliography
    "The Orion Center was established in 1995 as part of the Institute for Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    "Our web site provides many resources for the study of the Scrolls, as well as information about the Center's activities and programs."
  • Dead Sea Scrolls [bibliography]
    A list of books about the Dead Sea Scrolls. Be sure to check MNCAT to see if the University of Minnesota Libraries own the book.
  • American Qur’an
    Iftikhar Dadi (Essay Author), Zareena Grewal (Essay Author), Sandow Birk (Artist) With a Preface by Reza Aslan First edition. New York: Liveright Publishing Corporation 2016 check Libraries catalog for availability Wilson Library General Collection (folio BP109 .B57 2016 )
  • Sultan Baybar's Qur'an [virtual book]
    Sultan Baybars' Qur'an is one of the most magnificent Qur'ans in the British Library. Produced in Cairo in seven volumes between 1304-1306 AD (704-705 in the Muslim calendar), it is named after the Mamluk ruler who commissioned it, Rukn al-Din Baybars al-Jashnagir. It is the earliest dated Qur'an of the Mamluk period.
  • Qur'an and Qur'anic Interpretation
    University of Georgia professor Dr. A. Godlas Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
  • Primary Sources for Islam
    link may download PDF from THEOLOGICAL LIBRARIANSHIP: An Online Journal of the American Theological Library Association 1:1 (June 2008).

    Main journal link:

  • Sacred Texts of the Jains (Sacred Books of the East, vol. 22)
    Jaina Sutras, Part I
    (Sacred Books of the East vol. 22)
    Translated from the Prakrit by Hermann Jacobi, 1884
    Two Jain sacred texts, the Akaranga and Kalpa Sutras.
    Jaina Sutras, Part II
    (Sacred Books of the East vol. 45)
    Translated from the Prakrit by Hermann Jacobi, 1884
    Two Jain sacred texts, the Uttaradhyayana Sutra and Sutrakritanga.
    A Treatise on Jainism -- Ten Virtues Of Monks -- Twelve Reflections or Bhavnas -- Twelve Vows Of Layperson -- Fourteen Auspicious Dreams -- Five Bodies and Eight Vargnas -- Five Great Vows (Maha-vratas) -- Six Universal Substances (Dravyas)-- Meaning Of Ashta Prakari Puja -- Nine Tattvas (Principles) --
  • Bible: Basic Reference Sources
    Print and online versions of the Bible, reference sources about the Bible, and precise MNCAT search strategies to find the exact records for Bible versions and related resources.
  • Jewish Study Bible (print)
    "Jewish Publication Society Tanakh translation."
    • Location(s): TC Wilson Library BS895 .J495 2004 Regular Loan
  • Book of Enoch
  • Dao de Jing (Tao Te Ching) by Lao Tze
Other Sacred Books
    • Sikhism: Shri Guru Granth Sahib
      "The Granth is the central text of Sikhism, a religion that emerged in the Punjab region of India in the 15th Century. Sikhism is a unique faith which has aspects of Islam: monotheism and iconoclasm, and Hinduism: reincarnation, karma and nirvana. However Sikhism is distinct from Hinduism and Islam."
    • Zoroastrianism: The Avesta
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    book of mormon
    hinduism--sacred books
    tao te ching
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  • Subject Headings for the Bible

    There are over 2,000 subject heading combinations for the Bible. The examples below show the format for some commonly used headings and subdivisions. Do a title search when you want a particular version or translation.
    Subject examples:
    bible o t psalms--paraphrases
    bible as literature
    bible german--versions--luther

    Title examples:
    t=bible german
    t=bible n t greek
    Keyword examples:
    k=bible and atlas
    k=new testament and greek
    k=hebrew bible

    Subject and/or title examples:
    bible as literature
    bible english--versions
    bible english--versions--douai
    bible latin
    bible n t
    bible n t epistles of paul
    bible n t gospels
    bible n t greek
    bible n t luke
    bible o t
    bible o t apocrypha
    bible o t hebrew
    bible o t pentateuch
    bible o t ruth
    bible o t song of solomo

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