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Internet Resources for Plant Pathology
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Plant Pathology - General
  • Online Guide to Plant Disease Control
    From Oregon State University Extension. Includes Plant-Disease Index, Picture Index, Pathogens and Pesticides, and Links To Other Sites.
  • PlantFacts
    Plant Dictionary: Photos of Ornamental Plants and Pests. Search the Disease and Insect Image Collection. From Ohio State University.
  • Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book
    "subject oriented internet resource guide for plant pathology, applied entomology, and all related fields." From Institute for Plant Diseases, University of Bonn, Germany.
  • PLANTS Database - USDA
    "provides standardized information about the vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories. It includes names, plant symbols, checklists, distributional data, species abstracts, characteristics, images, plant links, references, crop information, and automated tools"
Extension Sites
  • Ohio State University - Extension
    Plant Disease Fact Sheets, Ohio Field Crop Diseases, VegNet, Midwest Small Fruit & Grape Net, The OSU Extension Floriculture Home Page, etc.
  • Texas Plant Disease Handbook
    "This website is an electronic version of the Texas Plant Disease Handbook that was developed by Extension Plant Pathologist in the late 1980s. Some information on this site, such as those referring to treatments and chemicals, may be outdated. It is the responsibility of the enduser to refer to pesticide product label for proper usage and rates. We strive to continually update the information in this document to provide enduser with the best available information on plant disease that are common in Texas."
  • E-answers
    Search Extension Service and Agricultural Experiment Station publications for online access.
  • NEMABASE - UC Davis Department of Nematology
    "gives fast, easy access to the host status of plants to plant-parasitic nematodes throughout the world, and helps with rotation and cover cropping decisions for nematode management"
  • Plant Parasitic Nematodes
    Online identification key, pronunciation guide. From Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University
  • Worm Systematics Resource Network
    " designed to help you find strains and their unique strain designations (and other previously used, synonymous designations). It is NOT YET a full database with respect to species nomenclature and contains data that may be UNPUBLISHED"
  • WormBase
    "An international consortium of biologists and computer scientists dedicated to providing the research community with accurate, current, accessible information concerning the genetics, genomics and biology of C. elegans and some related nematodes."
    Canadian content on mycological issues
  • Mycology.Net
    "An Internet Portal from Scientists for Scientists Presenting Information about Diversity of Fungi"
  • MykoWeb
    Includes: The Fungi of California contains photographs and descriptions of over 400 species of fungi found in California (with over 1600 total photographs).
  • Pacific Northwest Fungi Database
    This database is intended primarily as a tool for researchers, teachers, and students interested in fungi occurring in the Pacific Northwest. This program allows users to search by fungus perspective, by host perspective, and by taxonomic authorities for fungi or hosts.
  • Plant virology at KVL (Links)
    Links to information on systematics/taxonomy, individual viruses, diseases, detection/symptoms, virus vectors etc.
  • Plant Viruses Online
    "Descriptions and Lists from the VIDE Database"
    • Plant Virus Servers/Information
      Institutes, Academic Departments, Plant Virus Labs, General Information, Specific Viruses
  • ICTV Virus Taxonomy
    From: International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses. Previous versions available for free download.
Forest Pathology
  • Forest Health
    From Ohio Department of Natural Resources
  • Forest Pathology Web Sites
    USDA Forest Service & University of Maine.
  • Forest & Shade Tree Pathology
    "We cover major diseases of trees, considering their causes (etiology), factors that affect their spread (epidemiology), ecological and economic impacts, and management."
  • Forest & Tree Pathology
    Many forest pathology links. From Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book.
  • Forestry Images
    Forest Pests, Insects, Diseases, Other Damage Agents, Trees, Plants, and Stand Types, Silvicultural Practices. Forestry Images is a joint project of The Bugwood Network and USDA Forest Service.

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