Magrath Library 1:Button Studio
How is the space set up?
The camera frame, microphone, and lights are fixed to record 1-2 people at the studio's standing-height table. Stools are available.
Between what hours may I book the studio?
The studio may be scheduled during Magrath Library's Public Hours.
Where is the studio located?
Magrath Library is located on the St Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Get directions to Magrath Library.
How do I access the studio?
Stop by the Service Desk on the Ground floor at your reservation time, and staff will grant you access to the studio.
How is the sound quality of the studio for recording purposes?

Recordings may occasionally pick up ambient sounds from within the library.


1:Button Studio Locations
279 Diehl Hall
70 Magrath Library
240 Walter Library
Studio C, Rarig Center
Technical Support