Summer 2015

Infographics are visual depictions of information, data, or other knowledge. The information should be easily understandable at a quick glance. Not a graphic designer? There are great free programs out there to help you present your information, such as Piktochart and In the display, you will not only see some facts about Magrath Library, but also selected student work from two librarian integrated partnerships: CSPH 5642 and Murray Middle School.

Japanese Gardens: Cultivating Peace and Understanding

Summer 2015

The year 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This year marks the 60th anniversary of St. Paul's sister city relationship with Nagasaki. This exhibit looks at the role of sister cities in creating the Como Park Japanese Garden.


Spring 2015

Ever wonder about our fascination with toys such as Mr. Potato Head, Barbie, or that old train set that once circled the rug in the living room? Vintage and contemporary toys stir the imaginations of both young and old. And Magrath has plenty of books about vintage and contemporary toy construction, collecting and of course, recreational enjoyment. Come discover more about this fascinating topic in this season's display. It just might bring out the child in you.

Can You Find It?

Winter 2014

Try your hand at finding hidden objects in the Magrath display cases! Discover similar challenges and thrills as found in the popular I Spy books. Colorful objects confound, confuse, and captivate in a kinetic frieze of winding patterns and dead ends. Don't miss this baffling mix of eye candy and curios curated by our gang at Magrath. See if you can find all the objects on our list!

Get Out the Vote Posters

Summer 2014

Magrath Library hosts an exhibit of student designed, voting-themed posters. Come see the original screen-printed posters in person. Bold and colorful, these posters highlight the work of University of Minnesota students in GDes 3312: Color & Form in Surface Design class.

Do-It-Yourself at Magrath

Summer 2014

Magrath Library has lots of materials to get you started on your next DIY project. Whether it's jewelry or furniture making, cuisine, fashion, or other hobbies, arts, and crafts requiring custom-made design Magrath provides informative books, magazines and videos to help in the process. Come see our display of do-it-yourself books for the curious and those not quite satisfied with the ready-made life.

2014 National Poetry Month - Book Spine Poetry

Spring 2014

April is National Poetry Month! The Magrath Library celebrates poetry and its vital place in American culture with an exhibit of book spine poetry created by our own library staff. Profound? Hilarious? You’ll be sure to find it all on the covers of our book spine poems. Examples are also on our Facebook page. Enjoy!

2014 International Year of Family Farming

2014 International Year of Family Farming

Spring 2014

With over 500 million family farms worldwide, family farming is a predominate form of agriculture here and abroad. Family farmers are important in securing efforts towards sustainable development and against poverty and hunger. The Magrath Library proudly hosts a display to celebrate the 2014 International Year of Family Farming.

Holiday Display

Holiday Season Activities@the University of Minnesota

Winter 2013

Visit the Magrath library book display to see what the Saint Paul Campus has to offer during the holiday season and find inspiration for your own holiday celebrations.

St. Paul Campus History Display

St. Paul Campus: University Farm Years 1885-1935

Fall 2013

This exhibit was inspired by Lisa Berg's beautiful collection of early 20th century St. Paul campus postcards, most of which are now on display. Three posters illustrating the early history of this "farm campus", beginning as a school for "ambitious farm boys" and continuing on to the founding of the Home Economics school in 1914 (things were a tad gender-distinct then) and on to the introduction of early University of Minnesota cheeses and rust-resistant wheat are on display.

There are also some fascinating historical monographs, newsletters, and yearbooks on display; plus a timeline, a trivia quiz and an old-school interactive campus map that brings the postcards to life. If you'd like to get lost in the wormhole of campus history, also check out this interactive campus history maphref> developed by librarian Ryan Mattke.


International Year of Quinoa

Summer 2013

In honor of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization's declaration of 2013 as the International Year of Quinoa, we have an exhibit showcasing this newly-popular grain. Learn about quinoa's role in global food security, read articles about quinoa in the news, and get inspired with quinoa recipes from the Doris. S. Kirschner Cookbook Collection.

International Year of Water Cooperation

International Year of Water Cooperation

Summer 2013

2013 is the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation. Our exhibit features fact sheets on topics ranging from water for food to water and urbanization to sanitation. The display also includes books from the Magrath collection focusing on global issues related to water access and management.



Spring 2013

In partnership with the Institute on the Environment, we have a display featuring the wide range of topics related to sustainability. Core texts ,such as Silent Spring, and food safety and security with the Omnivore's Dilemma, and objects such as a solar oven. Stop by to get a reading list.

Trans* Awareness Project

Winter 2012

The Trans* Awareness Project href> is a poster and digital media campaign that attempts to challenge stereotypes and cultivate an environment which celebrates and respects people of all genders. This campaign aims to break down barriers between communities and establish positive social change by showcasing empowering snapshots of local trans* communities and bringing attention to the challenges that many trans* people face in daily life. We also displayed the trans* fashion magazine Candy, which is available on request.

Brewing Display

Local Brews

Fall 2012

Learn about Minnesota breweries and the process for brewing your own homemade ale. Please drink responsibly.

Shoe Display


Summer 2012

"Primarily worn to protect our feet the shoe will always be in intrinsically practical and necessary item of clothing. However, due to our increasing detachment from nature and ever more radical examples of footwear design, it is easy to forget the shoe's profound significance. Footwear is still chosen according to our environment and we would no more wear wellingtons in the sunshine than sandals in the snow. In this way, shoes will always betray important clues about our habitat and way of life." Huey, S. (2007). New Shoes: Contemporary footwear design. London:Laurence King, p.7.

Dairy Cows

Fall 2011

A selection of breed and production books, magazines and other literature related to dairy.

Open Access

October 2011

International Open Access Week falls in October and to celebrate we displayed UMN Open Access publications, along with international OA journals.


January - May 2011

A selection of turfgrass books, grass book art and images.


Agricultural Education Centennial

May - September 2011

2011 marks the 100 year celebration of the Agricultural Education department. The Agricultural Education Club created the display, including Future Farmers of America (FFA) memorabilia, journals and photos.

Have A Cuppa Tea

November 2010 - April 2011

After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. The difference types of tea, processes, and recipes were featured. The display culminated in a tea study break during finals.

Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion

September 2010 - April 2011

Edited by UMN’s Joanne Eicher the new 10-volume Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion is the first single reference work to explore all aspects of dress and fashion globally, from pre-history to the present day.

City Chickens

May - December 2010

A display of books and magazines about raising urban chickens.


October - November 2010

The contemporary celebration of Halloween in the United States draws from rich traditions of Celtic, Roman, and Irish culture.

Below The Surface: Seeds Are No Small Thing


From seed to sprout, these embryos have a long history from sowing methods to seed research. Learn more about Prof. Helene Muller-Landau's research on seed size, along with seeds' nutritional values and discover organizations that have assisted the State and country in improving yield and crop quality, such as the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association. Seed it for yourself, specimens from the Herbarium and botanical drawing will be on display.

Doris S. Kirschner Cookbook Collection

September - October 2009

The Doris S. Kirschner Cookbook Collection offers a unique glimpse into the evolution of cooking in America over the past century. Donated in 1985, the books are rich resources reflecting food history, social history and changing technology. The over 1300 items of the collection range in date from 1890 to the present, covering both American and international cuisine. The Collection is located in Magrath Library's Reference area, located on the ground floor.

Sherlock Holmes Cooks

September - October 2009

To celebrate the release of Sherlock Holmes on display were Sherlock themed and related cookbooks.

Extension Centennial

August - September 2009

In honor of Extension's centennial, Kristen Mastel, Extension's librarian, and Marlys McGuire, Government Documents, have put together a display of Extension publications in the cases at Magrath Library. They are just a sample of the wonderful publications Extension has produced over the years. You will find items on victory gardens, bed bugs, leadership in the community, food choices, rural youth engagement, beekeeping and many more! We even have a flashback of Extension's website over the past decade and a half!

Minnesota Knitters’ Guild

May - June 2009

"The Minnesota Knitters’ Guild was established in 1985 by a small group of women who were passionately dedicated to the art of knitting. Today, we have grown to over 400 members from all over the state... women and men who have joined in our mission to promote interest, appreciation, education and fellowship in the art of knitting."

Weavers Guild

May - June 2009

Founded in 1940, the WGM is one of the largest communities of weavers, spinners, and dyers in the country. The mission of the Weavers Guild is to educate and support its members and the community, and to advance the arts of weaving, spinning, and dyeing." Located at the Textile Center, they offer classes and workshops. Their website provides links to local and national suppliers, organizations, schools, and galleries and museums.

Split Rock Arts Program

Summer 2009

Workshops in creative writing, visual art, and design, take place each summer on the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus, which is located in the heart of one of the most culturally vibrant metropolitan areas in the country." One of the Summer 2009 workshops is "Designing Garments with Felted Fabrics". Instructor Jean Williams Cacicedo’s website has photos of her work.

Natural Colored Wool Growers Association

Spring 2009

A celebration of wool and the process to design clothing and accessories with the fabric.

Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX)

April 2009

The closing bell on December 19, 2008 signaled the end of open outcry for futures trading at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX). In the glory days at the MGEX, several hundred traders would be on the floor, and in the last days only about forty-one active traders would be found on a given day, signaling the move to online trading. The days of wearing suits in the pit have given away to funny ties and occasional Hawaiian shirts at the eight floor electronic training room that resembles standard company cubicles, rather than the grand trading floor, which is now available for lease. Through this exhibit learn about MGEX's history and how futures trading affects the food industry from the farm to the table.

An interview with Dave Darr about the history and future of the MGEX.