Integrating Media Literacy into your Curriculum

Library Media Services can help you learn more about media literacy: what it is, why it is a critical skill set to develop, strategies for integrating media into your curriculum. To get help building a media assignment and/or learn how to incorporate media into the classroom Scott Spicer, Media Outreach & Learning Spaces Librarian, can help you meet your learning objectives. Visit our assignment support for more information.

Student Digital Media Assignment Support

Designing a quality student produced media assignment that optimizes learning and insuring students receive the support required throughout their project is not an easy task. Contact your Media Outreach & Learning Spaces Librarian, Scott Spicer, to learn how we can assist you in meeting these challenges.


Teaching Media Literacy

For more information on Media Literacy you can read our webpage and meet with us to discuss the support we can provide.



Profiles in Teaching with Student Media (Case Studies)

Library Media Services has worked with dozens of instructors to integrate student media projects into their curriculum. These case studies illustrate student work, the benefits of these assignments, and support offered.



Media Collections Support

The Libraries provide access to a range of non-print media content in digital and physical formats. Notable examples include roughly 15,000 video titles at the Walter SMART Learning Commons, access to numerous media databases, and The Hugo Salazar South American Theater Collection. Learn more on our collections page.


Libraries Media Services also provides specialized media expertise to assist instructors/researchers with the use and access to media resources in teaching, research and scholarship contexts.

Reserve a Video


*Did you know that in the Walter Library SMART Learning Commons students can view videos either on individual stations with headphones checked out from the library or they can watch as a group in our Media Viewing Room?

Digital Collections Resource Guides

  • These extensive guides include both Libraries licensed and open digital collections of exemplar digital media resources.


    Suggest a Video for Purchase

    • As an instructional based collection all of our media is purchased with the primary intent of being used in the classroom. If you are teaching a class and would like the libraries to consider purchasing an item please contact your subject liaison librarian. This individual can help you with other library needs as well.



      Helpful Information for Students

      We have an entire page dedicated to student patrons. There you can see what kind of support we can offer your students. You may find there is something for you too, such as our support pages for software.

      If you have any questions about media support for students or for help with your video requests or other tasks feel free to contact our desk staff at the Walter or Wilson SMART Learning Commons or Scott Spicer Media Outreach and Learning Spaces Librarian