Profiles in Teaching and Learning with Student Media Projects




Reflecting and Communicating Internship Experiences

Since the fall of 2016, student in Making the Most of Your Internship (CFANS 3096), taught by Mari Ruddy, Mary Vidas, and Meaghan Stein, have created brief videos designed to reflect and communicate their semester-long internship experiences primarily via YouTube and LinkedIn.  These videos are geared towards professional audiences, including potential employers, graduate school admissions, and other individuals in their chosen fields.

Communicating the Relationship Between People, Community and Spaces

For several years, students in Prof. Tasoulla Hadjiyanni's Design and Globalization course (DES 4165/5165) have created brief videos designed to communicate the relationships between people, community, and spaces through the use of creative, engaging case studies.

ESCI Science Video

Communicating Scientific Concepts Through Engaging Student Videos

Students in Prof. Cara Santelli's Oceanography course (ESCI 1006) created brief videos designed to communicate scientific concepts to a general public audience through the use of creative, engaging narrative.

Senegal River Basin and Schistosomiasis YouTube Video

Biodiversity Case Studies

Students in Dominic Travis, Amy Kinsley and Jessica Deere's Veterinary Public Medicine "Health and Biodiversity" course (VPM 3850W) produced documentary style videos describing various case studies on topics related to the interaction of biodiversity, environment, conservation implications and health aspects in humans and/or domestic animals and/or wildlife.

Cultural Experience Digital Story

Reflecting on Cultural Topics through Digital Storytelling

Students in instructor Xiang Zhou's Cultural Psychology course (PSY 3301 - fall 2016), created digital story videos reflecting on cultural topics.

Pillsbury Signage

Video Investigation On Heritage Conservation and Preservation

Students in Prof. Greg Donofrio's Introduction to Historic Preservation course (ARCH 4/5671 [CDES]), created video investigations exploring a wide range of perspectives on the criteria and concepts that inform historic preservation decision making.

Communicating Energy and Environmental Policy Through a Video Investigation Project

Students in Prof. Elizabeth Wilson's Energy and Environmental Policy course (PA 5721 [Humphrey]) created videos to communicate policy benefits and drawbacks of energy sources.

Research Vodcasts

Communicating Discipline Research Through Video Podcasts (Vodcasts)

Students in Sehoya Cotner's Introduction to Zoology course (BIOL 2012 [CBS]) produced multimedia vodcasts to communicate recent research in the Zoology field, with an emphasis on engaging non-Biologist audiences.

Community Digital Story

Documenting Community Outreach Through Digital Storytelling

Students in William Goodman's Family Social Science course (FSOS 2101 [CEHD]) produced videos documenting a wide array of community social support agencies.


Video as an Ecological Tool: Reinvisioning a Sustainable Campus

Students in Mary Guzowski and Loren Abraham's Architecture seminar course, Architecture as Catalyst, (ARCH 5110 [CDES]) produced videos to both communicate current issues related to campus environmental sustainability and propose solutions with an emphasis on audio/visual media narrative.


Public Service Announcements

Students in Prof. Jamie Stang's Public Health course (PubH 6902 (School of Public Health) produced Public Service Announcements (PSA) targeting specific audiences, in promoting healthy habits and awareness of risk factors related to obesity in women of childbearing age.

Voice Over PowerPoint

Communicating Engineering Principles Through Voice Enhanced PowerPoint Slide Shows

Students in Rhonda Franklin's Radio Frequencies course (EE 5601 [CSE]) produced voice enhanced PowerPoint slide shows to communicate results of radio frequency studies.







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