Communicating Energy and Environmental Policy Through a Video Investigation Project

Students in Prof. Elizabeth Wilson's Energy and Environmental Policy course (PA 5721 (Humphrey)) created videos as a component of an investigation project and class presentation to communicate the benefits and drawbacks of various types of energy sources for public policy making.

Student Examples:
Silica Sand Mining in the Midwest (Produced by Spencer Peck, David Lemmon, Mike Petre)

Minneapolis Municipal Composting Program (Produced by Marta Monti, Matthew Prorok, John Chisholm, and Julia Johnson)

EPA Clean Power Plan (Produced by Nicole Kessler, Mary Oldham, and Maire Waight)

Minnesota Community Solar Gardens (Produced by Jenna Campbell, Andrew Fang, John Howard and Sorawit Siangjaeo)

Combined Heat & Power (Produced by James Bohn, Tammie Cook, and Sarah Cronk)

Please check out other students videos from previous year's of this course and another Public Affairs course related to energy policy (taught by Prof. Clarissa Schively Slotterback).

Learning Objectives

Demonstrated Learning Benefits

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Subject Knowledge Acquired

Critical energy and environmental research and policy analysis
Communicating energy and environmental policy to a non-public policy audience
Scholarly research
Integrating video into an hour long presentation with peer facilitated discussion


Soft Skill Set Acquired

Video production-editing skill sets
Video interviewing skill sets
Audio/visual mixed media composition
Voice over (scripting)
Media Literacy (media arts approach: video production)
Project management
Group work


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Course Assignment and Grading Rubric

Grading Criteria:


Campus Support Resources

Media production course outreach support was offered by Media Outreach Librarian, Scott Spicer, in collaboration with Humphrey Educational Technologist, Kate Connors. In addition, Subject Librarian to Humphrey, Mary Schoenborn made an earlier class visit to discuss library research. Some of the student groups also benefited from media creation, production computing, and equipment loan support in the SMART Learning Commons, with the assistance of Media Specialist, Jenny Veile.

Course Production Support Guide Site developed by Kate Connors for PA 5271.

Library Research Guide developed by Mary Schoenborn

Libraries Media Production Support Guide developed by Scott Spicer for PA 5271.

Student Production Support from the SMART Learning Commons

Reserve Production Equipment
Schedule Video Production Project Support