The Hugo Salazar South American Theater Collection is a video research compilation, containing non-commercial filmed performances, lectures, and documentaries related to Latin America theater. Many of the theater performances were filmed in Peru. The collection is for educational purposes only.

The collection is preserved by non-accessible VHS tapes; patrons looking to check out the films will receive a DVD copy. Any film or films from the collection need to be requested via this form 24 hours in advance, Monday through Friday (Note: please do not request a film more than 5 days in advance). The film will be retrieved from closed-stacks and held behind the SMART Commons desk in Walter Library until you arrive to pick it up. The films are for in-library use only, so you are not allowed to remove the film from the library or take it home. University affiliates will be required to have a UCard. Non-affiliates may still access the collection by filling out the form below and showing a photo ID at the front desk.

When filling out the form, include all video #'s you are interested in (up to 3 per a form). Note: For more than 12 requested titles at one sitting (e.g., 4 full webforms submitted), permission will need to be granted from Multimedia Consultant in advance. These correspond to the specific films we will retrieve for you. A list of all video #'s can be found below.

For more details about each specific title and the video DVD #'s (required for paging the DVD) see:

Please Note: Films #40 and #210 are missing from the collection. #96 and #110 are currently being processed and not available.

For MNCat (online catalog) record see: