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Sorting Your Search Results

Search results are presented to users in one of two ways. By default we provide results as ranked through our Relevancy filter. In this way, we try to present the user with matches most closely aligned with their search term(s). Alternatively, we offer the option of presenting the results in ‘original’ file card order. The intent here is to recreate an experience similar to that of a traditional card index file.

File card order is ranked so that all cards from a particular newspaper will be presented prior to that of another newspaper. The sort order of the newspapers when applying the Card Indexing Order option is:

  • Minnesota Daily, 1900-1922 and 1963-1977
  • Minneapolis Star, 1964-1970
  • Minneapolis Tribune, 1940-1945 and 1950-1954

List of Subject Headings and Cross References

Use these lists to identify subject heading that might be useful when you are searching for newspaper articles in this online newspaper index. As with all indexes that use subject heading, it is often hard to guess what heading have been used for your subject. With this list it is easy to review all the subject headings and cross references and find those likely to be useful before you begin your search.

Guidelines For Correcting the Minnesota Newspaper Index Text