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This subject covers: a means by which individuals and organizations seek to protect themselves from risk.

Article Databases and Indexes

Academic or Scholarly Articles Subject Indexes

Use this popular research database to find business articles from 2,200 journals and magazines in marketing, management, information technology, operations, human resources, accounting, finance and economics dating back to 1965. Additional company and industry profiles from Datamonitor are included along with country reports and SWOT analyses.

General Indexes to Magazine, Journal & Newspaper Articles

Full text articles and transcripts from news sources, business magazines, and websites with international and foreign language coverage. Includes daily newspapers, television transcripts, newswires, and all editions of the Wall Street Journal. Financial information for publicly traded companies, stocks, funds, currencies, and common market indexes. Limited to 7 simultaneous users.

Indexes, Other

Index to statistical publications from US and state government agencies, international intergovernmental organizations, professional and trade organizations, business organizations, commercial publishers, independent research organizations, and universities.

Catalogs and Bibliographies


Search with the Library Catalog to find books, journals, etc. owned by the library. Search by keyword, subject, title, or author for materials on your topic.

General Reference Sources


Online reference source with definitions of common insurance terms in the property, casualty, life, or health insurance industries. A reference source to understand insurance products with explanations of coverage for certain types of insurance and examples of how a particular coverage works.

Rupp's Insurance and Risk Management Glossary


Guide to Life and Annuity Insurers

Quarterly compilation of insurance company ratings and analysis

Financial Reports

Provides access to in-depth reports on public and private US, Canadian and Non US insurers, reinsurers, and groups. The AMB Credit Reports feature five years of financial analysis and detailed commentary on a company's operating methods and management philosophy. Access corporate changes that impact existing companies and locate surviving insurers associated with companies no longer in business.

General Reference Works

Directory of associations, professional societies, and other nonprofit membership organization. Includes international, national, and state organizations of all types. Brief profiles include contact information, budget, number of employees and specialized publications.

Handbook of Insurance Coverage Disputes

Manual on insurance policies, disputes, specialities, clauses, liability, reinsurance, acquistions and mergers, and other legal issues.

Insurance Forum (Special Ratings Issue), The

The Insurance Forum is a monthly newsletter that includes explanations of rating systems, compilations of annual ratings for insurance companies (Best, Titch, S&P, Moodys), news about insurance data and state insurance agencies.


Industry Profiles

Overviews, rankings and comparative statistics for major industries that provides detailed information on public companies such as stock reports, bonds, stock valuation annual reports, and other detailed fianancial statistics. NetAdvantage also includes investment services such as the advisory newsletter Outlook and screening directories for stocks, bonds and mutual funds. There are also directories for private companies and the Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives

Subscription cancelled effective November 27, 2018.

Market Research Surveys

U.S. Marketplace

Societies, Agencies, and Organizations

Trade & Professional Associations

List of insurance organizations and web sites compiled by the Business Reference Services Section of the American Library Association.

Aassist state insurance regulators in research about the insurance industry. Advice for consumers and small business on purchasing insurance. Guides for life insurance, long term care insurance, cancer insurance, home insurance, and property insurance. NICS sells data and research publications but does make their white papers available free of cost.

Statistics and Data

Data Resources

Statistical Resources

The American Council of Life Insurerers publishes this annual statistics on the life insurance industry along with state facts and links to state insurance departments.

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