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General Format for Citations

Although publishers or institutions may prescribe their own style, the following sequence of elements is recommended for archival materials held in the collection:

  1. Document identification
  2. Document location within the collection
  3. Collection title
  4. Repository name

Document Identification

To identify the document or item being cited, give a brief title or characterization, together with the date, if possible. Examples:

  • For a report: Harlow, Harold. "Racial Integration in the YMCA," 1960
  • For minutes: Committee on Interracial Advance, minutes, 12 June 1968

Document Location Within the Collection

The size and complexity of the collection will dictate the amount of detail necessary to define the location. If the identification of the document itself provides a clear indication of its location, no additional information need be provided. Otherwise, give the folder title and, if applicable, the series (grouping of records) within which the item was found as indicated on the collection finding aid. DO NOT use box numbers, as these may change over time. Example:

  • Human Rights Reports and Correspondence, 1963-1964. Leo Marsh Files. (For a document which was found in a folder called "Human Rights Reports and Correspondence, 1963-1964," which was part of a sub-group of material within the collection called "Leo Marsh Files.")

Collection Title

The name of the organization, program, department, or individual who created the records as given on the collection finding aid. If in doubt, consult the staff. Examples:

  • Interracial Programs Records
  • Armed Services Division Records

Repository Name

Kautz Family YMCA Archives. University of Minnesota Libraries.

Examples of Full Citations

For an untitled speech from the William V. Phillips Papers:
Retirement Celebration Speech, January 31, 2002. Speeches, 1992-1998. William V. Phillips Papers. Kautz Family YMCA Archives. University of Minnesota Libraries.

For a report from the Interracial Programs Records:
Martin, Freddie. "The Affirmative Action Controversy," Fall 1972. Reports and Publications, 1971-1972. Interracial Programs Records. Kautz Family YMCA Archives. University of Minnesota Libraries.

For a letter from the Emma Young Dickson Papers:
Florence Barrett to Dickson, March 25, 1919. Emma Young Dickson Papers. Kautz Family YMCA Archives. University of Minnesota Libraries.