Business Research: Company Information
This lesson covers the basic kinds of information for researching a company such as products, ownership, locations, and financial information. Sources of information are includes that help identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a SWOT analysis.

Business Research: Industry Information
Discover how industries are organized and useful sources for identifying the scope of products within industries, size, leading companies, comparative statistics, segments, forecasts, and important sources of information for discovering hard to find information about industries.

Business Research: Accounting
Need to write a paper on an accounting or auditing topic? This lesson will help you to get started with your research.

Business Research: Finance
Need to write a paper on a finance topic? Want to find the best sources? This tutorial will help you to get started with your research.

Introduction To Library Research
Learn how to identify scholarly sources and the basic skills needed to find articles or books for any topic.