Citation Managers
These services help you stay organized for writing assignments. Use them to store references online, format lists using official styles, create in-text citations, and link to articles, websites or other publications. Endnote work well with article databases from the library. Zotero is the most versatile for capturing references to websites or databases. If you work with PDF documents, consider Mendeley for taking notes and customizing folders.

Harvard Business School Citation Guide.
Explains why citing sources is important and describes standard ways used in business schools for attributing sources in writing assignments and presentations. Examples of citations for market research reports, analyst reports, blogs, e-books, email, interviews, websites, video, and many other sources. Highly recommended.

American Marketing Association Reference List Style.
The AMA has it's own style for citing books, articls, and online sources. For tables and other notations, consult their Manuscript Guidlines for articles in advertising and marketing journals.

Purdue OWL Online Writing Lab.
Detailed examples using major citation style manuals. Business researchers tend to use the APA or Chicago style manuals. OWL is easy to use with good explanations for creating in-text references and lists of cited sources.

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