The Project translated and subtitled seven Chinese classical films to support teaching and research on the campus. You can watch these films through the links below to the University's Digital Content Library. The films are included in the project are:

  • Xin nu xin / New woman Play
  • Da lu / Big Road Play
  • Bai mao nu / White-haired girl Play
  • Tai tai wan sui / Long live the wife Play
  • Zi mei hua / Twin sisters Play
  • Ma lu tian shi / Street angels Play
  • Ye dian / Night inn Play

Project Staff

    Ning Chen, translator and technician for incorporating texts onto screens, library student assistant 2003-2006
    Su Chen, principal investigator, head of East Asian Library
    Daniel Donnelly, co-principal investigator, Copyright Information & Education for Academic Programs
    Donald Marion, editor of the project, retired professor, an author of Chinese filmography : the 2444 feature films produced by studios in the People's Republic of China from 1949 through 1995
    Jason McGrath, project advisor, professor of Department of Asian Language and Literature