This project translated and subtitled six Japanese classic films for supporting teaching on campus. You can view these films in the University's Digital Content Library by clicking the links below. The films are included in the project are:

  • Mabuta no Haha / The Image of A Mother Play
  • Taki no Shiraito / Cascading White Threads Play
  • Jirokichi Goshi / Made to Order Cloth Play
  • Horo Zanmai/ The Wandering Gambler Play
  • Umi no Shinpeii/ Divine Soldiers of the Sea Play
  • Kumo to churippu/ Spider and Tulip Play
  • Kochiyama Soshun Play

Project Staff

  • Mark Anderson, Project Advisor, Assistant Professor, Asian Language and Literatures
    Su Chen, Principal Investigator, Head, East Asian Library, University Libraries
    Dan Donnelly, Co-principal Investigator, Coordinator, Copyright Information & Education, University Libraries
    Qin Fang, Translator and Technician for the Chinese films, Library Student Assistant, 2007-08
    Nobu Kadoyama, Translator and Technician for the Japanese films, Library Student Assistant, 2007-09
    Christine Marran, Project Advisor, Associate Professor, Asian Language and Literatures
    Donald Marion, editor of the project, retired professor, an author of Chinese filmography: the 2444 feature films produced by studios in the People's Republic of China from 1949 through 1995

This project was funded by 2007-08 College of Liberal Arts infotech Fees Committee, University of Minnesota