The project digitizes and catalogs 1,260 Chinese art objects selected by the renowned ceramic scholars Harry Garrner and Margaret Medley from 75 museums around the world found in Chinese Art in Three-Dimensional Colour(donated by Mr. Jonathan R. Gross to the East Asian Library) published by the Asia Society for the Gruber Foundation in 1969.

The material from the Chinese Art publication including the Gruber images may not be used for lectures, prints, publications,on the internet or for any commercial purpose without written permission from the Gruber Foundation or the Gruber family.

The following is link to the University's Digital Content Library results pages for the photographs of Chinese art.

Results for keywords 'Chinese art'

Project Staff

  • Su Chen, Principal investigator, Head of East Asian Library, University of Minnesota Libraries
  • Rebecca Moss, Director, Digital Content Library, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Georgiana Podulke, Project editor, Department of Art History, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Robert Poor, Project advisor, Department of Art History, University of Minnesota
  • Jason Roy, Co-principal Investigator, Head of Digital Collections Unit, University of Minnesota Libraries