PAL Schedule - Spring '18

Start Date Course Session Day/time PAL Location Facilitator
Jan 24 BIOL 1009 Wed 1:25-2:15 Akerman 313 Brigitta
Jan 25 Chem 1015 Thurs 1:25-2:15 Bruininks 117 Annika
Jan 25 Chem 1061 Thurs 2:30-3:20 Akerman 327 Dawson
Jan 23 Chem 1062 Tue 2:30-3:20 Akerman 327 Henry
Jan 23 Math 1271 Tue 3:35-4:25 Akerman 313 Joyce
Jan 24 Math 1271 Wed 1:25-2:15 Akerman 211 Joyce
Jan 29 NURS 3801 Mon 12:20-1:10 Akerman 327 Alex
Jan 22 NURS 4301 Mon 11:15-12:05 Akerman 327 Mollie
Jan 22 PHSL 3051    Mon 1:25-2:15 Akerman 225 Erin
Jan 24 PHYS1302W Wed 4:00-4:50 Lind Hall 215 Pedro

    What to expect at a PAL session:

The PAL leader will often have you work in pairs or groups of three to solve the problems they selected for the session. S/he will circulate to make sure groups are on the right  track. S/he is more likely to ask your group questions, which will lead you in the right direction, than give you answers. S/he might bring in a student from another group to explain how they solved a problem because PAL operates on the principle that once you can teach the material to someone else, you really know it. 

  • Come weekly for practice with lecture concepts and problem solving

  • Research shows that students who attend and participate in PAL 10 or more times in a semester can raise their grade by up to one whole letter

    Not finding a PAL group for your course?

  • Form your own; read these tips from LSU: Study Group Starter Kit

  • Consider Open Study: an online study group for anyone. Their tag line is "Make the World Your Study Group. Get live help from other students. Be a hero to your peers."

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