The SMART Learning Commons maintains an ever-expanding collection of previously administered exams, quizzes, and other assessment measures in a wide range of courses. These are made available to all current U of M students as study aids.

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  • NOTE: The list of materials in SMART's archive is searchable online, but you must come into a SMART center to access the test by printing materials out.

    Where do the tests come from?

    Departments, programs, and individual faculty all give us materials for dissemination. No unsanctioned materials are distributed. SMART's collection is updated regularly to assure relevancy to courses as they are currently taught.

    Why should I use previously administered tests to study?

    • become familiar with how material will be tested
    • see the format of the test
    • practice test-taking skills
    • simulate a timed exam
    • gain more experience with course content
    • identify concepts or processes to discuss with a SMART consultant

    How do I get a copy of a test or quiz?

    Test Bank materials are available on a walk-in basis at any of the three SMART library locations. At our Magrath location, tests may be printed by asking at the Magrath Library Information Desk (inside the library proper). Test Bank materials will not be printed in advance or distributed electronically.

    Does it cost anything?

    Students are charged only the printing charge for the items they wish to have from the Test Bank. The current rate is $0.12 per page, the same rate as for printing any other document on the Uniprint system. All charges are paid by U-Card. No cash, debit cards, or credit cards accepted.

    What are the Test Bank hours?

    Test Bank hours are the same as the staffed hours at each SMART location. Some variations for staff meetings, etc., may occur, so please feel free to call ahead.

    Adding Materials to the Test Bank

    Programs and departments often manage the maintenance of the materials housed in the SMART Test Bank. Individual faculty and instructors may also choose to place materials in the Test Bank in the absence of a department or program level protocol.
    Materials may be added to the Test Bank by:

    • delivering hard copies to the SMART-Magrath location (75 Magrath Library, St. Paul)
    • mailing hard copies to SMART Learning Commons, Campus Code 6034
    • sending .pdf files to

    Please be sure to include your name and contact information, the course number and semester (e.g. SPAN 1004, Spring 2012), and how the materials are to be identified (e.g. Chapter 4 review questions).

    Removing Materials from the Test Bank

    The SMART Learning Commons will not knowingly circulate unsanctioned materials, or accept materials from sources other than faculty or departments. Please report obsolete or unauthorized materials for removal to

SMART Hours & Locations

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Hours: The SMART room is available during library and extended study area hours.

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Rooms in SMART's Walter and Magrath locations can be reserved for two-hour blocks up to two weeks in advance.

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