Public Access Policy for Federally Funded Research


Grant terms and conditions will require awardees, sub-awardees, principa linvestigators and authors to submit metadata and any final peer-reviewed manuscripts accepted for publication, any intramural technical or final reports, and any Scientific Research projectwritten deliverable (e.g.,technical/final reports) that arises from extramural research funded, either fullyor partially, by federal funds awarded through a DOT-managed contract, grant, or other agreement unless specifically precluded by privacy, confidentiality, or National/Homeland security concerns.  Publications qre to be freely available to the Public no later than 12 months following publication.


Get started >> Obtain an ORCID ID for all project investigators and contributors. You will need to report ORCIDs as part of your final step in complying with the plan.  Report your research to TRB's RiP database at: and your project(s) will be automatically reported in the USDOT Research Hub at:   Send one email to USDOT Research Hub, NTL, and TRB that includes your final Report URL(s) or PDFs for any resulting publications.



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