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This page is meant to guide you to resources about polymer chemistry. There may be important information sources on related pages (for example, pricing information and safety sources are under chemistry (general aspects)). You may also want to check the pages for engineering, chemical and materials science.

Article Databases and Indexes

Academic or Scholarly Articles Subject Indexes

Provides extensive indexing of scholarly and technical periodicals, conference proceedings, and report literature in all engineering disciplines including applied physics, electronics, materials science, and related fields in science and management. Indexes nearly 3000 sources worldwide.

SciFinder is the best database for chemistry-related topics. Registration is required, and you must download VPN and then log in to it for off-campus access.

SciFinder includes journal and patent references,chemical regulatory data, and supplier, reaction, and substance information.

The Web of Science is the Web interface for institutional sitewide access to the Science Citation Index. A citation index compiles cited references from journal articles and allows you to find articles that have cited older papers.

General Reference Sources

Analytical Techniques

A 3-volume set covering polymer structure and spectra (vol 1); plastics, fibres, rubbers, resins; starting and auxiliaxy materials, degradation products (vol 2); additives and processing aids (vol 3).


Polymer Science Dictionary

Provides descriptions of the terminology of polymer science, including abbreviations of compounds, but does not try to cover applications.

Polymer Technology Dictionary

Defines several thousand terms used in the rubber and plastics industries. This volume focuses on processing, testing and properties.


A 19-volume set covering natural and synthetic polymers, plastics, fibers, elastomers, computer topics, and processing.

Presents over 500 articles addressing all areas of polymer science. Updated quarterly with new and substantially revised articles, the Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology provides information about polymers, plastics, fibers, biomaterials, elastomers, and polymerization processes. Article coverage for 2007 and prior only.

Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia

A twelve-volume set covering basic properties and applications of polymers.

General Reference Works

Default is set to search Digital Library and Standards; this can be changed in the main search box by clicking the "All" button. A collection of industry-leading standards and technical engineering information. Covers a broad range of engineering disciplines, including aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, environmental, geological, health and safety, industrial, materials science, mechanical, nuclear, petroleum, soil science, and solar engineering.

Handbooks and Manuals

Includes formulas used in rheology, viscous shear flow, viscoelastic behavior, thermodynamic properties, heat transfer, and the design of parts for molding equipment.

A 4-volume set covering polymer synthesis and properties (vol 1), performance properties of plastics and elastomers (vol 2), applications and processing operations (vol 3), composites and specialty applications (vol 4).

Classic source of property data for "synthetic polymers, poly(saccharides) and derivatives, and oligomers." Primary focus is on "fundamental constants and parameters that refer to the polymer molecule, that describe the solid state of polymer molecules, or that describe polymer solutions" and not spectroscopic, rheological, and mechanical data.

Physical Property Data

Over 400 optical and electron micrographs show the importance of morphology for understanding polymer structure, crystallisation, microphase separation, orientation and fracture. A text accompanies the micrographs.

A 2-volume set that explains the effects of thousands of chemicals, environments, and other exposure media on the properties and characteristics of thermoplastics, elastomers, thermosets, and rubbers, including alloys.

A 2-volume set about the response of plastics and rubbers to fluids. Includes both qualitative and quantitative information. Volume 1 examines 44 plastics and 190 chemicals; volume 2 has the same chemicals and 19 rubbers.

Gives polymer solubility and polymer-liquid interaction parameters, critically evaluated and listed by polymer common name. Includes solvent resistance, environmental stress cracking, chromatographic supports, thermal transitions, adhesion and adsorption, and lubrication and permeation.

Physical Properties of Polymers Handbook

A concise handbook of polymer properties, especially those most relevant to the areas of physical chemistry and chemical physics.

Polymer Data Handbook

Presents key data on approximately 200 important polymers currently in industrial use or under study in industrial or academic research.

Polymer Solution Data Collection

A 3-volume set containing polymer solution data: vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid equilibria, solvent activity, coefficients at infinite dilution.

A user-friendly interface gives access to names, physical property data, supplier information, structures, applications, & manufacturing process.

Standard Pressure-Volume-Temperature Data for Polymers

Compilation of PVT data for over 180 important polymers, with data shown in more than 350 tables and graphs. Describes methodology, equipment use, and applications.

Safety Information

Covers 400 key chemicals found on plastics industry worksites for molding and extruding, cleaning and finishing, including additives and raw materials, and waste, spills, and fugitive emissions.

Spectra, General

A collection of high resolution x-ray spectra of over 100 organic polymers, recorded with a Scienta ESCA300 spectrometer. Gives survey and core regions, shake-up spectra, valence band and some Auger spectra, as well as details of sample preparation, instrument performance and operating conditions. Indexed by compound.

Spectra, Raman

Raman Spectra of Polymers

Over 250 conventional and FT Raman spectra of polymers; not comprehensive. Includes sections on vibrational spectroscopy, Raman instrumentation, molecular vibrations in polymers, and the application of FT Raman methods to polymers.


7-volume set authoritatively reviewing polymer science. Volumes cover different areas, such as characterization, properties, chain and step polymerization, reactions, speciality polymers and processing. Volume 7 has a subject index.

Statistics and Data

Data Resources

Provides data for a large number of compound ingredients, and information on how these ingredients influence the processing and properties of the final product.

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