Director, Acquisitions and e-Resource Management

Acquisitions and e-Resource Management; 160 Wilson Library

Lead, advocate for, develop, mentor, and support the 23-member Acquisitions & e-Resource Management Department within Content & Collections Division.  The department consists of two units: Acquisitions & Rapid Cataloging (ARC) and Electronic Resource Management (ERM).  Members of the ARM department specialize in procurement, negotiation of license agreements for electronic content, receipting, invoice payment, management of domestic and foreign approval plans, rapid cataloging, batch loading of vendor records, and monitoring/processing of shelf-ready and innovative and experimental content acquisitions projects and programs for the Libraries. As a department head, I strive to engage my staff to think creatively, collaborate and share their knowledge and expertise, learn new skills and grow as individuals, embrace autonomy in decision making, be inclusive and welcome diversity, and to be committed to quality and efficiency of work they do.

In my role as department director, I:

  • Lead the Acquisitions and E-Resource Management department, aligning its vision, goals, objectives, and policies, and procedures with those of the Content and Collections division, and the University Libraries.
  • Initiates new services in support of the end-user community, guided by the Content and Collections, and Research and Learning divisions and in collaboration with other Libraries support units. 
  • Provides leadership and accountability for all operations performed by Acquisitions and E-Resource Management.
  • Participate in selection, implementation, and development of new initiatives and emerging technologies.
  • Collaborate with colleagues across Libraries' departments and divisions, other system libraries, & Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) on topics and services related to acquisitions and e-resources.


Bachelor of Science, Economics - University of Minnesota

Fariha Grieme