A native of Nebraska, Hopp is the first University Librarian to be educated as a scientist. Hopp earned a BS in engineering from the University of Nebraska. His MS and Ph.D. were received from the University of Illinois. His dissertation was on documentation in science and technology. He came to the University Libraries in 1953 as Assistant Director. Hopp and Stanford cooperated in library administration. Hopp had responsibility for personnel and day-to-day operations, and was deeply involved in planning Wilson Library. Hopp assumed the leadership of the library in 1971. During his administration, computers became an essential part of library research and the Minnesota Union List of Serials (MULS) was published in 1974.

After five years as University Librarian, Hopp decided to step down in 1976 to pursue other goals. For a time he served as a fundraiser for the library. In 1978, he accepted the position as Head of the Institute of Technology Libraries. Hopp worked vigorously to address the space needs of the Institute of Technology Libraries. He retired from the Library in 1982. Because of his keen interest in physical fitness, Hopp published a book, Enjoying the Active Life After 50 (Stone Wall, 1979).

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