How do I research an industry's economic health and current trends?


The health of an industry depends on economic growth within a region. The business climate for industries in Minnesota is monitored by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

Ibis World industry reports include a “Recession Update” section with forecasts for smaller industries organized into standard industry classication codes (NAICS).

ValueLine industry reports are brief overviews with current analysis for investors in public companies. They will also rank On the right frame, choose “Lookup industries” to view all the ValueLine industry reports. Click the “Industry Rank” column to rank industries by “timiliness”, a term used by ValueLine to recommend investments .

Industry reports from Standard and Poors are available in NetAdvantage but vary in currency. Select the “Industries” tab, scroll through the list of available reports and review the sections for “Current Envrionment” and “Industry Trends”.

Business Source Premier is a database of business articles that can be searched to find forecasts and outlooks for products and industries.


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