How do I find company profiles?


Hoover’s company profiles can be found in LexisNexis Academic and include a brief history, locations and trends in sales and employment along with competitors and other important facts. Select the “Business” tab in LexisNexis Academic, search for a company and locate the “Company Snapshot”. Links to the Hoovers Company In-depth Records are found in the “Business Description” section.

Datamonitor company profiles are found in Business Source Premier Enhanced. These reports are organized into sections for company history, products, business segments, competitors and SWOT analysis. Search by company name then click the “Company Profiles” radio buttom to limit results.

The Global Market Information Database creates profiles for international companies that produce consumer goods and services. They have sections for strategic direction, company background, key facts, production, and competitive positioning. Select the “Companies” tab to search for your company.

Mergents Online will contains brief descriptions and is a good source to learn the chronology of acquisitions and mergers for a public company.


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