Beginning in 1963, the annual lecture series has been the highlight of the year at the Bell Library. The following list begins with the most recent lecture and moves backwards through time. Some of the most recent lectures will not be published, others are scheduled for publication, and some may be published on the web only. For those currently in print—nos. 1-40—the date indicates the date of publication, not the date of the lecture. In 2013, the Bell Library celebrated its 60th anniversary with a gala on October 30th instead of a lecture.

Coming Soon!

The James Ford Bell Lectures, nos. 1-40, will soon be online. Once this project is completed, each will be available as a pdf file, free to download.

The 53rd James Ford Bell Lecture will be presented by Professor Kathryn L. Reyerson, 20 October 2016.

No. 52 2015 Two Jesuits, Two Manuscripts, Two Visions of Ming China (no publication pending) M. Antoni Ucerler, S.J.
No. 51 2014 Why Did the Chicken Cross the World? (no publication pending) Andrew Lawler
No. 50 2012 Binding Passions and Shielding Virtue in Early Modern Venice (no publication pending) Joanne M. Ferraro
No. 49 2011 Diarium Surinamicum: The Revenge of Daniel Rolander (publication pending) James Dobreff
No. 48 2010 Ricci's Map and Its Place in His China Strategy (publication pending) Jonathan Spence
No. 47 2009 When Bad Things Happen to Good Books: Conservation Challenges in Today's Rare Book World (publication pending) Claus Maywald
No. 46 2008 Fact in Fiction About Life at Sea in the 18th Century: Understanding the Naval Novel and the World of Aubrey and Maturin (publication pending) John B. Hattendorf
No. 45 2007 The Ambonese Herbal: What a 400-Year Old Text is Teaching the Mayo Clinic (no publication pending) Brent A. Bauer
No. 44 2006 From Gutenberg to Google: A Survey of the Evolution of Type (no publication pending) Bill Moran
No. 43 2005 South Asia in the Age of 'Proto-Globalization': Some Comparatives and Contrastives (no publication pending) Rajat Datta
No. 42 2004 (no publication pending) Alice Hudson
No. 41 2003 Galileo, the Church, and the Cosmos (publication pending) David C. Lindberg
No. 40 (2005) Acquisition of Rare Books, Manuscripts and Maps: A Curator's Commentary (2003) Carol Urness
No. 39 (2001) Continuity and Discontinuity in the Sixteenth-Century World Felipe Fernández-Armesto
No. 38 (2001) Emperor Charles V's Crusades Against Tunis and Algiers: Appearance and Reality James D. Tracy
No. 37 (2000) Learning From Legends on the James Ford Bell Library Mappamundi Scott D. Westrem
No. 36 (1998) An Epic American Exploration: The Friendship of Lewis and Clark Stephen E. Ambrose
No. 35 (1998) Thomas Forrest: Renaissance Seaman Joseph E. Schwartzberg
No. 34 (1997) "The four parts of the world": Giovanni Francesco Camocio's Wall Maps David Woodward
No. 33 (1996) The Medieval Origins of European Expansion William D. Phillips, Jr.
No. 32 (1994) Moravian Missionaries at Work in a Jamaican Slave Community, 1754-1835 Richard S. Dunn
No. 31 (1993) My Long Journey with National Geography Merle Severy
No. 30 (1992) The Making of an Elite Enterprise: The Jesuits in the Portuguese Assistancy, 16th to 18th Centuries Dauril Alden
No. 29 (1991) Ricahrd Eden, Advocate of Empire John "Jack" Parker
No. 28 (1990) Disease and Imperialism Before the Nineteenth Century Philip D. Curtin
No. 27 (1989) Towards Superiority: European and Indian Medicine, 1500-1700 M. N. Pearson
No. 26 (1989) Representations of Slavery: John Gabriel Stedman's "Minnesota" Manuscripts Richard Price
No. 25 (1988) Goods, Ideas, and Values: The East Indies Trade as an Agent of Change in Eighteenth-Century Sweden Micahel F. Metcalf
No. 24 (1987) Life at Sea in the Sixteenth Century: The Landlubber's Lament of Eugenio de Salazar [translated by] Carla Rahn Phillips
No. 23 (1986) Pirates: Myths and Realities Robert C. Ritchie
No. 22 (1984) Sir Joseph Banks and the Origins of Science Policy A. Hunter Dupree
No. 21 (1983) Technology Transfer and Cultural Subversion: Tensions in the Early Jesuit Mission to China Edward L. Farmer
No. 20 (1983) In Search of Silk: Adam Olearius' Mission to Russia and Persia Gerhard H. Weiss
No. 19 (1982) By Inch of Candle: A Sale at East-India-House, 21 September 1675 Otto Charles Thieme
No. 18 (1981) Reversing the Telescope: Louis Hennepin and Three Hundred Years of Historical Perspective Rhoda R. Gilman
No. 17 (1980) The Bay Where Hudson Did Winter Linden J. Lundstrom
No. 16 (1979) The Efficient Plantation and the Inefficient Hacienda Ward Barrett
No. 15 (1977) The Orderly Landscape: Landscape Tastes and the United States Survey Hildegard Binder Johnson
No. 14 (1977) The Minnesota Vincent of Beauvais Manuscript and Cistercian Thirteenth-Century Book Decoration Alison Stones
No. 13 (1975) The European Presence in West Africa before 1800 Victoria Bomba Coifman
No. 12 (1974) The Economy and Society of Colonial Brazil: A Brief Overview Stuart B. Schwartz
No. 11   no publication pending  
No. 10 (1972) The Barbary Pirates: Victims and the Scourge of Christendom Paul W. Bamford
No. 9 (1971) The Exploration of Canada: Some Geographical Perspectives Eric W. Morse
No. 8 (1970) All the Peoples of the World are Men Lewis Hanke
No. 7 (1970) Peter Kalm and the Image of North America Nils William Olsson
No. 6 (1969) On Book Collecting: The Story of My Drake Library Hans P. Kraus
No. 5 (1968) Saints and Sinners at Sea Vincent H. Cassidy
No. 4 (1967) Medicina-Mensura-Mathematica: The Life and Work of Gemma Frisius, 1508-1555 George Kish
No. 3 (1966) The Economics of Empire Herbert Heaton
No. 2 (1965) Salt, Sugar, and Slaves: The Dutch in the Caribbean Melvin H. Jackson
No. 1 (1964) The European Image and Mapping of America, A.D. 1000-1600 R. A. Skelton